Re-Union of sorts

Creativity jumps at you from the wrong places. Long time since I last blogged and it seems pretty tiresome to blog after a hard day at work. So here at the beginning of this new week, I'm back to blog. Recalling stuffs hasn't been my forte and so this may seem like an abridged version of events. Last week, I had a small trip to Kannur. How to classify the trip would be a near to impossible thing, as it was almost a re-union, a marriage visit, an excursion, a sleepover and what not. So begins this account of my latest foray to the Malabar side.

We had this trip planned a long time back, mostly banking on the fact that Monday,the actual marriage day, would be a holiday for most of us. Yet as the date came close, most of us couldn't get our leave sorted out. So it forced us to pre-pone the trip by a day or two. Friday night was settled as a beginning of the journey. As usual, I was late to reach the station and thanx to Jazz, the guy's a gem in case of trouble, I reached just in time. Ghosh was already there in the train waiting for me. The fact of the situation was that only two of us were making the trip that day, or literally night. Anyways after a fairly uneventful journey, we reached Kozhikode in the morning, late by an hour or so. There was an intended meeting of the Infy girls and us at Kozhikode at 6 in the morning, Saturday. But thanks to great Indian Snake that didn't happen. So we went straight to Thampi's house. BTW, we had some friends of Ghosh to guide us the way, friends he made on the train. So we reached Thampi's dwelling but not before a long walk thanx to our eagerness to get down before the actual stop.

A break in the real world, went to make coffee to stay up long. It's around 1:30 in morning.

Anyways, after a morning jog and a freshning up at Thumps' place, we left for Kozhikode stand, the meeting place. We met Lekshmi, our bhujji, who's currently in NIT,Calicut doing her Master's. Makes me think on Vaarnum Aayirum every time I think of girls doing Master's away from home. Coming back to point, she wasn't gonna come with us 'coz some report stuff had come up. So we six, Thampi, Ghosh, Me, Prinku, Manjaly and Spoon, made our way to Kannur. We took the bus, instead of the train, for that section of journey. Experience is the greatest teacher and so we now know that train is the best way to Kannur. Anyways, having journeyed continuously for 4&1/2 hours, we reached Payyanur. From there, Soumya, the would-be bride, picked us up. Got a small treat from her for being so late. We promised to be there by 1 and we landed there around 4, i think. We ordered drinks for all, strictly non-alcoholic :). After that, straight to her home. It would be better to say we swam through currents, fought the tempest, vanquished the fire and rode through deserts to make it to our fountain of youth. Finally we reach her place. What a place that was, mind-blowing. Pure heaven on earth, I'm exaggerating but close. It was lush greenery around, a few miles and you could step into Karnataka and a jog the other way would take you to Kasargod. Kidding guys, but far from the hustle-bustle of city, this was like heaven. The place was teeming with life. People all round, getting ready for an important day that was soon to be on them. Got a warm welcome there, made us forget how tired we were and then the gift session. I seem to be in a hurry to finish this account, and why not, given that I have been sitting with this for the last 2 hours. We had a great lunch at 4:30 in evening, fried rice and Kerala Chicken curry, made me look a steam-engine with smoke through my eyes and ears :). It was simply too good to be true, the people, the food and the atmosphere. Makes me yearn for another trip back.

Next on cards was our trip to the fields and the streams nearby. Thanks to Ghosh's curiosity, we, atleast some of us, got a first-hand experience of pisi-therapy. Some photo-session and then back to Soumya's place. From there, a straight journey to Kozhikode via Payyanur. Reached there late @ 10pm. Got a treat from Prinku as it was her birthday. Then after some shopping, the girls made it Prinku's home for the night. They had to catch the 1am bus to Mysore. After goodbying then, we left for Thampi's place. A good night sleep after a heavy-duty dinner.

The next day, we reached Kozhikode station for return. So we got tickets for Mangalore express which was supposed to reach there by 10:25. But then when does Indian Railway come on time. So it was supposed arrive at 12:10, with plenty of time left we planned to visit famed Kozhikode beach. Called Prinku too for company. Had a jolly good time. Then a palmistry session for Ghosh and Thampi. After that we came back to station. But then, the train was late by another hour. So we sat at the station till 1 in the afternoon. Finally the train pulled in and after waving Prinku goodbye, we left for Trivandrum.

As if the train wasn't late already, there were stops almost every half an hour to allow other trains to pass. By the time we reached TVM, we were dead tired and ready to fall asleep. In between, Ghosh discovered the joy sitting on the foot-board of the train. It was a glorious sight to behold, sitting with ur chums, looking into the setting sun and passing greens. It was almost 12 when we finally landed in TVM. From there to Kanimangalam and heavenly bliss in form sleep.

That's it for now, almost 3:45 in morning..
Signing off for now,


Life isn't fair. So why should you be ??

This isn't a jot down why you shouldn't or why you should. Just a thought pattern hanging in between the two extremes. At times, I wonder how can any human being's heart be so cold and frosty. It isn't that I haven't been so myself but even then, most melt before reason or emotion. A bit of humanity, a small amount of suffering for the fellow being is all that it takes. Yet most of us so easily take the easy way out. When will we understand that it can be Win-Win world rather than a Win-Lose world ? Until then, the question remains like a Pandora's Box. You open it and misery comes out. An introspection into our daily lives will show how much fair we have been to others. The extra bit of work passed onto your friend or colleague, that extra piece of cake that you took from the plate, the best seat that you took while traveling on the bus or even the wee bit of time that you overspent before your friend's laptop/PC.

These are some of the incidents that I could remember, there are many more. It seems so good to have tasted that victory but at the cost of what ? You may say it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but are we not a part of it ? Can't you be the change that you would love to see in others ? Every drop of water is needed to fill the ocean and so every good thing that you do may inspire someone else do so too. A small sacrifice that may hurt initially but will bring peace to your heart. It's easier sleeping with a peaceful heart than a victorious one.

Signing off for now,


The week that was :(

A hectic week passes by and here I stand at the beginning of another. Nothing much to say about the last week, except for the fact that certain events, that would not be erased I hope, took place. 1st, Miss Small Wonder flew away to her new destination, NY. There goes a brilliant mind from our college into the arms of America. Hope it returns back to India, both personally and patriotically. I don't wanna comment about future events, so let's wait and watch while the drama unfolds. 2nd, Learn't much at office. Now that I'm in the Testing arena, have to pick up the basics as fast as possible. Got my exposure to both the automated and manual testing process. i do hope that my little programming skills come into play during the latter stages. 3rd, last two days showed what I'm gonna be missing from college. The college had it's Onam celebrations on the 28th of this month. My job timings didn't allow me to go for it. Well, you gain some, you loose some.

Later the next day, Ghosh, Sundar and Me went for Ritu,the movie. Ghosh had come over from university after meeting a few classmates. They had come to university for applying for the provisional certificates and stuff. I don't have to do any such thing, at least for now. Soon a plan was made for going to see Ritu. Called up Sundar who was also ready to come. Thus the three of us got out by 5:45, had tea from PMG and reached the hall, Kairali Sree, by 6:05. Bought the tickets for the show and got in. The main reasons why I decided to go were :
1. Some parts of the movie were shot at my office :).
2. It was an IT-based movie.
3. Ghosh was heaping praises about the story and picturization and blah blah blah....

When we sat inside the hall, there weren't much people around. Sundar was saying that this was supposed to happen as it would be dull, art type movie. Anyways, by the time the show started, the balcony, where we were sitting, was almost filled up. In between, there was a call from home. Egged by Sundar, I finally admitted to Mom that I was at a theater. She didn't know that I had this habit of frequent visitations to the theater. Now that she finally knows makes my heart feel light. About the movie now, it was good one, a message with a touch of sarcasm. The picturization, as Ghosh had said, was great and there were several moments which, personally, I could relate to. But a word of caution, it wouldn't be advisable for "conservative" families to go and watch the movie though. After the movie, Ghosh left for his home while me and Sundar made our way to Railway Station ATM. On the way, Sundar regaled his accounts of travel to Kashi and back and how, despite his brother's advise, he didn't take his ATM card. After getting the money, we left for home. We took a long cut via the alleys, as Sundar had to smoke. Speaking about smoking, it's been a long time since I last had booze. We reached Ayurveda College junction from where I took a bus and Sundar walked his way.

That's all for the week and this weekend. Got to log into Facebook, My Mafia's waiting for me...

Signing off,



Into the current

So begins my life in the corporate world. It all began with a call from Fahad saying that there was a position open for a s/w tester at Qburst. It was an urgent that the position be filled as soon as possible. So he asked whether i was interested. And boy, wasn't I, a jobless, no complete degree fellow. So then he forwarded my resume to the HR. For the uninitiated, Fahad is currently employed at Qburst Technology Solutions. All this happened day before yesterday. The HR, Mr. Subin, called me up and we had a telcon, after which he told me to come over for the aptitude test and interview to be held the next day.

Yesterday, D-Day, I reached Leela Towers, that were the KD'puram branch is located at around 9:15, my bloody luck and laziness. Anyways, passed thru the aptitude and came up for the interview. A relatively less tense interview. God knows how I got thru, must be the timing of the call. Anyways, Came back to Kani by 11, and went out for shopping for today. A totally waste exercise. Me and Ajay went to buy shirts,pants and other stuff. But on reaching Big Bazaar, there wasn't one suitable dress for me, not one. So got a pack of socks from there.

Today, had to report by 10 to office for verification process. Got a bit late, anyways reached there, had the process completed and the detail information broadcast from the HR department. Got out from there by 12 and went to Ananthapuri Hotel for lunch. Came back to office within 20 min. Mine is at Technopark and so had to wait for company transportation. Met a few senior colleagues on the way to company. My first steps in the famed Technopark campus. A serene campus with a corporate touch to the surroundings. My office is in the Tejaswini building. Got a temporary visitor badge for entering the place. Anyways, got an Access card soon after. Had nothing to do basically, other than from checking out the application. The first stage of ST, exploration, was right before me and now I understand the significance of those moments. There was a thorough checking, from my side, of the app. But there were other team members, "Pullis", people far better than me. They were going thru their job, while helping me out to understand the basics of the application. So that was it as the 1st day of office. Had a small chat with my college guys in Qburst before they left for home. A tiny detail, Krishna Sharma is with me, the great "pulli" with me. Not the project, but the cabin. We share the cabin, two project teams,comprising of around 6-8 members per team. Another thing, I think there won't be range inside the office. So totally cut-off from the outside world while in office. Can't access Gmail and stuff, not for this month atleast. So most probably, this is gonna be the only medium of expression open for the time being..

Signing off for now,


Back to Square 1

The old times are back. Back at Kanimangalam with only half my old roomies. Now that Kani has been passed to our juniors, it feels a bit out of touch to be here. The feeling's there but yet something isn't same. Time has flowed so fast that i can't remember how these 5 years have gone by. Now it's time for me to jump into the rat race. Job hunting is the reason why i'm back here. yet nothing has been finalized. Sleeping my days for now.

This sense of desperation that's hanging around is gonna take hold soon. So before that happens, I gotta get my pants up and start running around. What else to write, oh yes, got a new mobile, Nokia 2600c from my cousin. As a gift for, I think, finally completing the B.Tech course. The mobile seems gr8 for now. Haven't tinkered around much with it. But the experiments will soon begin... Let's hope it gets thru.

Much of my thoughts, these days, seem to center on the last 2 yrs of B.Tech, no offense to the others. Feeling sad and yet relieved at the same time. Got some things left to do at college.

Another thing, this Friday, I went to college with Jasim. He had to get Sherry's course completion certificate. The sight there was unbelievable. A fight had just taken place. Some of the juniors had been playing truant for the past few months. So the seniors and their batchmates got togather to teach them a lesson. And what a lesson it was. A well planned, throughly executed stuff, like those done by kings... Took out the ones to be taught and showered them with kicks and beatings. "Ghosts of kicks don't understand words" as Javed Jaffery would say. Anyways, seems that they have finally learnt their lesson. If not, we could be seeing repeat telecasts of the incidents soon. All this excitement had to happen after we had left :(..

That's all for now...
Signing off.....


Back Home

Kolkata's back in my sights, the smell, the sounds and the air. There's something in this city that tugs at the very strings of my heart. Had a rollicking start to the days. Called up the mates once I reached home. Sat the next two days, trying to fatten up,u c I'm still the lean machine. Anyways, Vishku called up and set up the plan for saturday. Went to his home that day, Markat(suraj) came there. Had some sweets and drinks "cold only" and made our way to Calcutta's FORUM. The place looks good, the ambience was okeydokey and we had some fun. The place was filled up with gorgeous beauties of Kolkata and who would have wanted to leave such a place. Somehow, we winded up the visit after going through each and every level. Potter was on the show. And so there was quite a bit of rush that day.

After that, we made our way to the parks of Kolkata. This is the dark side, the "spicy" side of kol. These places are best sites for "HOT" stuff and to add salt to wound, the people were shameless enough to be in public viewing. Nothing extraordinaire happened and we came back after sitting through a Fountain show in the adjacent park in the evening.

Next day, Sunday. My bones were still aching from the walks and so I skipped Church. But my parents had other ideas already. They had planned ahead for a trip to the famous Bandel Church and since both siblings were present, it became a sort of penance trip for us all. So we went through the local train via Howrah. The train was filled up and yet my mom and sis got seats. There were some Shiva devotees that day going back home. that almost filled up the train. Anyways, after reaching there, had a trip round the church, prayed at all places and then came back home.

Next Tuesday, A trip with friends from the locality to South City Mall. Caught the rain on the way back and bedridden for a week. My bloody bad luck. Anyways, after that got my head steady by sunday.Yesterday.

My sis was going back to Bhilai and so had to be ready somehow. Took her to the station by 7:15 for a train that was to come by 8:15. My dad always has this "early reaching" tendency. Anyways, had a fight like always in the train with her. Gave her a few pinches and punches for the book with a extra liberal dosage of silent expletives. She had her friends for company till college. So after seeing her off, we came back.

That's all for now.. Signing off with hope to be in trivandrum for the next posting !!




The time is finally here for me to say GudBye. Sadly, I gotta leave this place officially. Feeling desp, after these 5 yrs in GECBH. Still remember the 1st day to college. Got up damn early, around 6:30, by ma standards. Ready by 7:30, i think. That too for class that was supposed to start at 9. Was feeling real hyper that day, a new place, a new beginning and new friends. Had food from hostel, my dear OCSC Hostel. Came to college with the rest of Bartonites, walking. The 1st person i met was Anil PR, the gr8 bhujji, genius by work. Chatted with him and then the rest of our classmates all the while waiting near the Bike Stand.

That was the beginning of a wonderful journey, filled with memories. Bloody hell, my eyes are welling up, just thinking of those days. Two batches, lots of supplies, gr8 friends and sweet memories. This is what remains when I step out of GECB.

No idea on what to do next. Thinking on lines of gaining some exp till I clear my supplies. But for now, it's time to unwind. So moving off to Cal, leaving on 12th evening. Abt 12th, got a marriage function in the morning. Hoping see most of my mates there. A final farewell, i hope...

Adios for now, don't know whether I'm gonna be able to post any time soon !!


Hope for the future......


Had Crypto exam today. A simple paper but GOD knows how I am gonna fare. Not much hope of gaining high marks , that's for sure. While going through the news, I came across Graphene. The newest kid in the Chip fabrication process. It is reportedly 300 times stronger than steel with fastest conductivity for electrons. Seems like guys at MIT found this out accidently. For you and me, graphene is what we leave on paper when we use pencils for drawing and writing. A 2-D stucture that is the basis for Nanotubes, buckyballs and other carbon stuffs. A simple substitution for the silicon in chips with this leads to a processor with speeds of min. 26 GHz, compared to the fastest one being 8 GHz at present.
There are certain obstacles such as low availability and insulation problems that are hampering development. But I am really looking forward to the future where a 500 GHz processor becomes common. Hoping for the best...


Exams & Elections !!

Exam season's finally here. Got nothing to do except for study , study and more study. Combined studies are the flavour for now. Feeling really lost in Net. No one seems to active these days, y should they be ? Got studies as a priority. Yet it doesn't make me tensed, studies have never interested me much. Feel like moving off to some place away from this tensed atmosphere. Had the Election results come out. Seems like Left's finally loosing it's hold on Bengal. TMC's taken away a lion's share of the seats there. So sad to hear that , wasn't hoping for a drubbing atleast in bemgal. Kerala's shown the power of media triumphs over any truth. An election gimmick that has resulted in total flip of voting patterns. Are we malayalis so gullible ?? Or are we naturally opposed to the sense of fair play ?? Can't get a hold of the present thought pattern of Kerala. Seems like a TINA syndrome is loose in the psyche of Keralites...

Really dismayed at the election results this time... Anyways, everything happens for good.. With this , Signing off for now....


Touch Up

Had nothing better to do for now. So thought of touching up my blog. Searched around for templates, edited a few ones, mixed and mashed up the rest.
The final result lies before thy eyes. Before you tread my path, be sure to backup the old template in case something goes wrong. In mine, it did a thousand times and over, just kidding. But yes , had to redo it all more than once.

Finally that B.Tech classes are "OFFICIALLY" over, time's come for the last few stuffs to be done. Had record submission today, extended once again, courtesy God know who. The model exam starts in 2 days. Retests are left for the 2nd series. Anyways, enjoying to the hilt these days. Mood changes still remain and are erratic as before, but light's shining bright at the other end.

Long list of exams remain. Backs and regulars, God knows when i'm gonna complete these. Starts @ 22/5 all the way till 8/7, Roughly 2 months of study and tension. No way, at the most a few days before the exam, maybe...

Anyways, looking forward to the end of the B.Tech era and the first steps into the Big Bad World.



Another day goes by without an aim or purpose. Finally, Aagneya's over. Had a small duty as Games co-orddinator for NFS, my weakness. So there went my 3 days, actually more than 5 days considering the day b4 and the day after. The main days were 13th, 14th and 15th. On 12th, we had to arrange the comp's for the games. Sreejith, Vineeth and Jose's job. I sat around giving advice, then went to Web World for sponsorship. A bit late, I know, but then you know the lazy me. Anyways the actual job was to begin at night when the systems were to be configured and stuff. By the evening, the job was half done and I came back to Kani after a hectic day of classes and discussions.

Freshened up and left for Kanakunnu, place where Aagneya was happening. On reaching, we got to know that the original games room wasn't available so got around looking for places. Finally zeroed in on the hall next to the conference hall. Set up the systems and also the LAN stuff. By that time, it was almost 10 and we had to leave.

Next day, 13th of FEB, Aagneya '09 begins. The Circuit designing was supposed to happen in the games hall. So we all got to work. Set up all the LAN finally, installed the stuff and then left the hall to the Event co-ordinators. Had some food in between, small talk with classmates and lots of boredom. Finally I called it a day at 10 in the night. We had the Family night, our HOD's play in the evening. I never heard so much booing before. The play's theme was good and the acting was at par. But it wasn't for the college lads and lasses. After that there were songs and dances by the college team. Nice mix of melodies, foot tapping no.s to real "PANDI" stuff. The rock show was supposed to happen after that. But most of us were too tired to stay. Anyways, the diehard guys were there for the event. There was a slight delay which led the event to be held after 10 pm. The rest was history.

14th of Feb, Valentine's day. We had CS in the gaming section.It was organized by Unni, my co- coordinator. I was a bit late in reaching and in between some switches and extension ports had melted. The main problem was that most power outlets were not working in that room. So we took power from adjoining room and somehow managed to start. But then the cables gave way and melted leaving us high and dry. Finally by 12, Sandeep got some new wires and ports and we powered the systems through three different outlets. Due to the delay, some teams had to withdraw. Anyways, the tournament began. It was league-wise since the no. of teams were low. By the evening, Two were left standing. One from TKM,kollam and the other from Advent,Trivandrum. You should have been there to see. What a battle !! Neck to neck throughout their matches, we had to go into sudden death twice. Finally, the TKM guys came on top. The prizes were given away and We were left to reshuffle the systems for the next event. There was the CAD event on final day, so systems had to be provided for them too. Leaving 6 systems for NFS, we handed the rest to the CAD event team. After that we left to the main stage where Fashion show was happening, a bit late since the 1st team's show was almost over. I sat thru the rest without much interest. There were none except one who were upto the mark, according to me. After having dinner with Thomson, I came back to Kani.

15th of FEB, my day of reckoning. I arrived by 8, the rest of the CAD team were there. All systems were setup by 10:30 as supposed to 10. The event began by 11:15 without much hassle. There were a few participants intially. The event was basically a time trial. The one with the fastest lap was the winner. The event hotted up only by the end of the day. There were three guys from CET, who were beating the shit out of each other on the track. The drama that ensued made our pockets fatter. Finally the top 2 were chosen. Seeing their lap time, some of our guys couldn't hold back. We had dummy races to find who was the fastest among us. After a few hours of racing, we packed up the systems for transport and left for the grand event.

EUPHORIA. In trivandrum for the 1st time. The security was tight given the magnitude of the event. Passes were throughly cross-checked before entry and looking the no. of volunteers in the area, no one would have dared to show mischief. The Band for kolkata rocked the scene. The show was covered by Kairali and it was telecasted many times during the next month. Anyways, the night rocked like never before and I can still hear the songs in my mind..

This is quite late an entry as I didn't complete it earlier..

08-04-09 Tender thoughts !!

My extension draws to an end and it feels suffocating. My heart's filled with pain of parting. Nothing seems to be fine. No enthu in life. Yet I need to overcome the melancholy that surrounds me to enjoy these few days that I really have. This batch is gonna remain in my heart for ever, I promise to do my best. Those moments of laughter, camaraderie, fights( especially those paper fights in Shamna teacher's class) and those unforgettable kicks on most of our butts. I'll remember those moments of tiffin sharing, makes me miss my school life and those kathiadi times too. These sweet memories will always remain , etched for ever in my heart. You guys showed me the value of friendship, of being there for one another, the Musketeer style, all for 1 and 1 for all, those journey together, those class cuts.. Forget I may some, but never the place shall anyone take that you have in my heart..



Had our 2nd series exam for Crypto. A small exam , 50 marks and 1&1/2 hr. It was relatively easy for me considering only 3 chapters. Got up early morning at 4:30, had tea from the Depot. Came back and sat till 6, or was it slept till 6 , I don't exactly remember. Anyways, got ready by 9:15, went to breakfast with Jazz. Then straight to Arathy Teacher. She was in canteen discussing with the rest of the gang.Sat with them till 10 and gained a few titbits of info, more than enough by my standard. Frankly speaking, that got me through today.

Sat for the exam with my batch, 2nd half of the class. Wrote damn fast as possible, I hate exam halls more than anything else. Came out and straight to canteen. There was Binu sitting , having breakfast. There was a junoir from S6 mec too. The rest of his class had gone tour. Speaking of tour, half the college is on IV. The juniors are having a tough time in making HOD relent for their tour. The guy's playing double games, saying yes yes to the guys and no no in front of Princi.

Anyways, the result was out by the evening. I had got 37.5 out of 100 in the 1st series. This time, it was reduced to 36. Out of 50. Got an FSF seminar going on at Amritha School of engg. I may go with Jazz, Sanoop and Ajay. So Adios for now.

Before I sign off, today was Laxmi's birthday. Got a lot chocolates from her.



Vagueness surrounds me,
An empty soul stirs within,
Clouds of despair flow beside,
No shelter from streams of misery.

Time seems to stop for now,
No hope shows it's presence,
Held aloft in hands of pain,
My heart tears apart in vain.

Mind remains unsteady,
Calmness so fleeting,
Nothing stirs from within,
Yet hope remains for now.

Bonds form before me,
Some old, some new,
Fresh vigour into the minds,
Brimming with youth for all.

Lighten thy soul from misery,
Let the joy of others radiate on thine,
For life isn't about you,
Rather feeling the love that surrounds us all...

A small poem that formed itself out of the despair that I gathered today. As for me, my mood changes faster than the english weather. From desp to bright in a few lines of rhyme.



Nothing much for now...

Today's news isn't much.. Got a "Nice Boy" tag from one of my friend's family. Pretty soothing to hear that after what I have been upto in class time. BTW, we guys had been roaming around trivandrum for the last few weeks. It's nearing the end of tenure here. So for making up the lost time, we started home tours. Unannounced visits. Last Friday or was it the one before, I don't remember, u c Sugar patient, too sweet. Anyways, the guys, three bikes two on each, made their way to Spoon's and bhavya's homes. There was an intermediate stop at Suni's, Teachers', house. Suprise reactions from most places. These are from descriptions that I recieved not mine. During return, Jazz's bike got a puncture. So Thomachan had to leave it near thirumala, was it, and come by bus.

Next day, he went with Jose, classmate, to the place, got the puncture fixed and bought the bike back. I was busy with Most Wanted that whole day. How I remember that, because I finished the game for the "I Don't know how many" time. Anyways, there was a plan for the next trip that evening. There were only 2 bikes that day. Six of us, 3 from kani and 3 from NUS, got on the bikes and made our way to Kowdiar and Nathencode region. We went 1st to Remya's house, Ajith's cousin. What a welcoming committee. Hats off. There we met Suma, another classmate, apparently there for studying purpose. She was dying to go back b4 we reached there. After a few hours, she left for the hostel. Remya and her father dropped Suma to her hostel. We waited for them to return so that we could say good bye and move to the next house. In between, we came to know that Remya was a classical dancer, a fact unknown to many. There were a few other facets of remya that came to light that day. After she came back, we goodbyed and left for the next destination.
Ancy Mariam Joshep. The one girl who isn't known to talk much, the serious type. When we reached there, she was busy studying. We had our Series the next week and we were roaming around. She came down late due a calling bell confusion. Anyways, we all chatted with her parents and herself too. She had a younger bro, allen I think, who was outside. He had gone to be with friends, the evening Adda Baazi, for the uninitiated it's like Kathi at evening time. We waited for him to come back. It was late when he finally showed up. We came to know he was into Fashion stuff and had recently won prize at PAACET's fest. After some chat, we made our way to the final destination of our tour.
Asha Paul. The bhujji of our class, the one with brain and a tongue to go with it. We reached there late. Asha's father hadn't returned from work. So we spent time chatting with her mom, sis and Grandma. In between, there was piano in the room. She and her sis used to learn playing. Not now. One by one the guys started to play on it. Surprise for all. Thomichan knew how to play the board. He played a small note from a song we all knew. That was the end of piano lessons for us. We joked about wine to Asha and she bought us some homemade wine. It was nice to taste and we had just enough. After that, she showed us her family album. There were a few "VEG" comments from my side and also from the rest. She looks the same as in her 12th except for maybe a few gray ones here and there. That's from where I got the "NICE GUY" label.

Next day was Pongala. We made our way to Nimya's house. There were Sauwmya(Spoon), her sis and Devika. They had come over for the festival. The festival, as some of you know, is for the Attukal Devi. Womenfolk make pongala, payasam usually, offerings to Her. So Me, thomichan and Binu reached there by 9. The festival was to begin by 10. We had breakfast from there. IDLIS, after a very long time, with ma fav sambhar. Sreejith reached there soon. Others were to follow but since they were late, they couldn't turn up. We roamed around after the initial phase of cooking was over. Had free food from many places. Drank a lot of drinks and ate watermelon throughout our incursions. After that, we had Sadya from Nimya's house, took a bit of rest and started to make our way back home. We had Devika come with us till Vanchiyoor after which she took an auto home. From there, we were supposed to meet Jose for the next round of visitations. After teaming up with Jose, we were initially planning to goto Sangeeta ma'm house. But she was out of station. So we called up Shamna Ma'm who directed us to Manju Ma'm's house. We reached there after a fair bit of walking. Ma'm was dead tired when we reached there as she also had gone for Pongala. Even then she served us drinks and biscuits. We had a bit of chat in which she advised us to look at other options, ie. PSC, Banks etc. Good advice considering that only one in our group of 5 had been placed. After saying good bye, we came back to Kani while Jose and Sree made their way to NUS.

About today, full time net access. So chat , to say the least, was to happen. Chatted mostly with my classmates, old and new, and my niece. Had a Seminar, boring, on CISCO stuff. Went for WAD lab, enjoyed it as well as studied a bit....

Yesterday, Chinju had landed in trivandrum. So there was his treat at ZamZam. Had parathas and chicken. Icecream for dessert. Had CT,Criti, Prasanth(junior) and Vineet, chinju's bro and junior, for company. That was mainly with yesterday..


Long Time

It has quite a long time since I last entered a blog entry. Yesterday it was time for the Holi celebrations in our class. The series had just got over last Friday. I'm totally in the dumps this season. Don't whether I would get above 40 in any paper this time. That's the state with me. Anyways, got up early as usual but college's gotta wait till atleast 10. The Idduki guys have come over, only a few this time, for the wrapping up of their projects. They reached late night, around 2 in the night, and some today morning.

Moving on to me.... Had breakfast, before bath, with Ash and Hisham, Ash's friend. Jazz turned up after us at the canteen. After finishing, he left for college while we came back home. I got ready and Binu was there for company. Took an extra t-shirt for the occasion. My SCHOOL T-SHIRT. Best beginning for the day. Got my E-Sec papers 1st thing as I enter the class. Great marks considering that I didn't look at the book properly. Had the usual round of Kathi with the guys. Made fun of the girls and trips to the canteen.

Soon it was time for lunch. Me, Jazz and Sheik went to our usual spot , Marakada. Had lunch but just one serving of rice. The excitement had killed my appetite for the moment. By the time we reached class, the celebrations had started. The guys were all multicolored in no time. I changed my T-Shirt and got into the festivities. Had my face and clothes colored in no time. Special treatment for the late-comers. Anyhow after rubbing colors on most of each others' faces, we went for a round of the college. Show of strength/ stuff. March through the main thoroughfare with "slogans and kuvals". Made our way through the entire college and back to the class. The Mech crackers were cracking crackers for some match they won. Mostly our paths intertwined leading to extended bouts of "kuvals" and crackers.

Seriously, I never had so much fun in holi. Ya, there used to be the usual color throwing and balloon bursting back at home but not with this much fevour. After the celebrations were over , around 2:00 pm, we washed ourselves off. Then for another dose of Crypto and EN, bored to the skin in 2 hrs. Anyhow, we managed to sit thru and then made our way to canteen for the customary tea and snacks. Had the break in between the two classes, so it was a quick one. After Crypto was over, we sat on the corridor. Mostly the Kani and NUS guys. You see bird watching is a major hobby for us all. Saw most junior girls pass and then made our way back to Kani.

Surprise was awaiting us in the evening. We had dinner, for change, from the Hotel Mass. Chicken curry and parathas... Stomach filled and purses a bit too light. In between Thampi called to know whether any "drinks" were needed. We didn't have the slightest inclination why thampi was doing so. We had dinner, came back and were waiting for the bottles to land. There were bottles for everyone, "Bar-ley" water, Slice and Coke. I had Slice and some Coke. Ash, Binu and Thampi had the rest of the stuff. Sanoop, S8 Mec, was with us for the evening. After sometime, I left with Shakav for KP's office. Unlimited browsing attracts me like none other. Came over here after visiting Sheik's lodge, another development. Sheik had moved out of Kani to improve his marks. Pressure from home. Anyways, reached hear by 10-30 and browsing till now. Thought of writing an entry and so this happened.

Adios for now. The snaps for the day will be shortly uploaded to my Orkut account.
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