A quick catch-up

Kisi zubaan par yeh reh gayi,
Aap ko khoya to ruh kho gayi,
Lamho ne kuch ishaaaron se kaha,
Dekh aayi phir koi aur teri ruh lekar.

The time for the next post seems to have been shortened, thanx to an idiot's question. It has been almost a month since I reached back from Kolkata. Par kya kare, missing Mom, Dad and bhootni already. How do I tell them that I love them so much ? I can't call up every now and then, or according to some fixed timetable. I ain't that kinda guy, ki aaj Sat hai, chalo Mom ko phone karte hain, ya phir, it's 6 in the morning, oh Mom ko bulaana bhul gaya. Come on, I am kinda lazy to dial a few no.s even. Leaving that aside, I am still caught up in that web of cough and breathlessness. Thanks, but no thanks, to the Kolkata chill. Waise, it was already there by time we were done with QBurst Day celebrations. Spekaing of that, I don't how the hell I got the guts to get up on stage and shake that booty of mine. That too without even a sip of drink. Coming to drinks, last saturday was awesome. Simi got married, Jose came to Trivandrum and I got stoned pretty bad. pretty bad, in the sense that it could be said to be the repeat of "the last see-off" of the former Kani team. Anyways, got a nice scratch around the hips as a remainder. Haahaa, speaking of which, the scar is quite an irritant these days. :P

Back to track, on to a flashback. Zooming back two weeks. Me suffering from the cough and breathing problem. Couldn't eat or drink anything that Saturday. It was kinda Vaalu season for me. Eat, cough and vomit. Nice rhyming, almost makes me do a Y this Kolaveri right now. A mental note, need to parody the Kolaveri to something more adultish. Focus, machu focus. So had to go to Jubilee hospital for the "dava daaru". Makes me remember the MTV ad in which they search for actors. One of the lines was "Isse dava ki nahi, dua ki zaroorat hai". Can't help smiling at those faces, waah I still remember. Sabaash bacche, kaash yeh yaddaash exams ke time par bhi hoti. :P Anyways, got a blood checkup done. Forgot the most important thing. We, me, Achar and Sundar, went to the hospital at 10 in the night. "10 in the night". Mast time for move around in the city. Sunsaan raaste, akele kuch ladke aur beech mein aaye ek awaaz. "Allah ke naam par kuch de de baba". Just kidding, nothing of that sort happended sadly. Got to the hospital, me having the cough attack at regular intervals and they making fun of the "TB paitient". Saw the doc, she ordered a blood test first and then a small initial checkup. Well, speaking of the blood test, I was the guinea pig for the night. There was this new nurse for the shift. She actually tried piercing one of my smaller veins or was it an artery for drawing blood. Well, it had to be the vein otherwise, I would have bleed a bit more than usual. Anyhow, another sister had to come up to take the blood and the results would have been generated only after an hour or so. So we made our way out of the hospital for a cup of coffee and something to eat. Ash and Sundar had some food, while I had my first taste of black tea, or was it not. Don't remember if what we used to have from the Arabic restaurent at 7th floor was tea or coffee. Moving foward, the results came and I was prescribed a bit of medicines. The cost of which was around 350~400 bucks, my hard earned money down the medicinal drain. :((. And yes, the drip. I had the first drip of my life. The hanging bottle of liquid and those white clean ceilings, waah what a way to spend time in the hospital. Waise, the drip took around 2 hours to complete. Raat ke 1 baje, before I could move back home. So ends the flash-back.

Back to present and the Republic day. Speaking of Republic Day, last time it was a pseudo-patriotic post from my side. This time not even a mention of patriotism. Waah, kya baat hai. Anyways, got up late as usual and had a late, real late brunch. Lots of chatting on YMessenger and then the rush to catch the movie. Sundar was here in the morning. Dude came over to study but alas, my place is/was such a mess that he left after some time. Had a small chit-chat and some plans for a movie. I wasn't excepting that the dude would actually go for it. Anyways, scrolling to evening, got a call from Sundar saying he was going for the movie. How could I refuse the dude, he's been my steady movie partner since I landed back for the "Job" in Trivandrum. Next call from him was saying that he was at the theater and that the tickets would be easily available. I should smelt something amiss right then. But kya kare, I don't follow my intuition any longer these days. A small break. Just checked mail and it seems the Buzzbuzz guys have pulled off something great again. Saw a Kudos which seems just the thing for them.

Now back to my schedule :P. The movie was Lal-e-ton's Cassanova. Well, I made it just in time before the movie started. 6pm and I was still at PMG. 6:15, there I was right beside Sundar waiting for the movie to begin. Must have been my lucky-or was it unlucky- streak. Anyways, Lalettan looks lot younger, thanx to all that makeup. The funny thing was that, when He and Shreya stood together, it didn't seem like Appoopan and Kochumol. ;). Anyways, the movie is masala entertainer, not some solid script movie. You can enjoy the songs, the chase sequences, even the funny dance by Mr. Ton at the disco. After the movie, it was the long walk back to home. Right beside the flyover and thru Bakery junction. Speaking of which, this was supposed to be the Thank-You post. Bcoz each thing that I felt while walking was like a thank-you to the One above, to my parents and last, but not the least, to all mu pain-in-the-ass friends. Maybe I should wind up this post now since it is already more than a page long. :P

This is Jo signing off for now,
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