The colds of December

This December in Mumbai, this not so cold days here. I'm lost without reason. I look forward to the days that wouldn't be so deary. To the days, where my inner child is happy. To the days, where I code again out of passion. To the days, where I look forward to going to office. To the days, where I ride again. To the days, when weekends are to enjoy and not being stuck in office. To the days, where my heart fills with joy of writing like this.

A hope that I hold inside me that there will be a silver lining at the end of these cloudy days.


Revisiting an old space

Ajeeb hai ye daastan,
Na jaane kahan le jaaye ye tumhe,
Kaunsa shehar mil jaaye na jaane,
Anjaane ban jaate hai dost,
Aur dost anjaane,

Lamhe kuch guzarish karte hai,
Ki iss pal ko lafzon mein taraash loon,
Yaad aaye ye pal phir kabhi to,
Honto par ek muskurahat bhi aaye.

It is said, nothing happens by chance. Otherwise, why would this post happen and that too after such a long time. Me sitting in office, watching Suits last episode of Season 5 and finishing off some tasks. No connection to Blogger as of such, nothing to make me think of writing off a post. Yet, there comes a call to one of my sales colleague. A friend wants to integrate a payment gateway to her Blogger account. Had to take a look at my blog to let her know if it would be possible. Seemed like it might be, but then it would have been just a Paypal link, rather than a full blown cart which could let her sell her wares.

And then, it happens. My colleague, Rick, from the front-end section had to pitch in his views. Thankfully, it was a good thing because we were able to give a better informed suggestion this time. Seems like you might have to get a premium version of Blogger to integrate a cart like stuff. However, I didn't research much due to limited time. And the last episode is still waiting to be finished along with my task.

So until next time, this is Jo signing off.

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