The week that was :(

A hectic week passes by and here I stand at the beginning of another. Nothing much to say about the last week, except for the fact that certain events, that would not be erased I hope, took place. 1st, Miss Small Wonder flew away to her new destination, NY. There goes a brilliant mind from our college into the arms of America. Hope it returns back to India, both personally and patriotically. I don't wanna comment about future events, so let's wait and watch while the drama unfolds. 2nd, Learn't much at office. Now that I'm in the Testing arena, have to pick up the basics as fast as possible. Got my exposure to both the automated and manual testing process. i do hope that my little programming skills come into play during the latter stages. 3rd, last two days showed what I'm gonna be missing from college. The college had it's Onam celebrations on the 28th of this month. My job timings didn't allow me to go for it. Well, you gain some, you loose some.

Later the next day, Ghosh, Sundar and Me went for Ritu,the movie. Ghosh had come over from university after meeting a few classmates. They had come to university for applying for the provisional certificates and stuff. I don't have to do any such thing, at least for now. Soon a plan was made for going to see Ritu. Called up Sundar who was also ready to come. Thus the three of us got out by 5:45, had tea from PMG and reached the hall, Kairali Sree, by 6:05. Bought the tickets for the show and got in. The main reasons why I decided to go were :
1. Some parts of the movie were shot at my office :).
2. It was an IT-based movie.
3. Ghosh was heaping praises about the story and picturization and blah blah blah....

When we sat inside the hall, there weren't much people around. Sundar was saying that this was supposed to happen as it would be dull, art type movie. Anyways, by the time the show started, the balcony, where we were sitting, was almost filled up. In between, there was a call from home. Egged by Sundar, I finally admitted to Mom that I was at a theater. She didn't know that I had this habit of frequent visitations to the theater. Now that she finally knows makes my heart feel light. About the movie now, it was good one, a message with a touch of sarcasm. The picturization, as Ghosh had said, was great and there were several moments which, personally, I could relate to. But a word of caution, it wouldn't be advisable for "conservative" families to go and watch the movie though. After the movie, Ghosh left for his home while me and Sundar made our way to Railway Station ATM. On the way, Sundar regaled his accounts of travel to Kashi and back and how, despite his brother's advise, he didn't take his ATM card. After getting the money, we left for home. We took a long cut via the alleys, as Sundar had to smoke. Speaking about smoking, it's been a long time since I last had booze. We reached Ayurveda College junction from where I took a bus and Sundar walked his way.

That's all for the week and this weekend. Got to log into Facebook, My Mafia's waiting for me...

Signing off,



Into the current

So begins my life in the corporate world. It all began with a call from Fahad saying that there was a position open for a s/w tester at Qburst. It was an urgent that the position be filled as soon as possible. So he asked whether i was interested. And boy, wasn't I, a jobless, no complete degree fellow. So then he forwarded my resume to the HR. For the uninitiated, Fahad is currently employed at Qburst Technology Solutions. All this happened day before yesterday. The HR, Mr. Subin, called me up and we had a telcon, after which he told me to come over for the aptitude test and interview to be held the next day.

Yesterday, D-Day, I reached Leela Towers, that were the KD'puram branch is located at around 9:15, my bloody luck and laziness. Anyways, passed thru the aptitude and came up for the interview. A relatively less tense interview. God knows how I got thru, must be the timing of the call. Anyways, Came back to Kani by 11, and went out for shopping for today. A totally waste exercise. Me and Ajay went to buy shirts,pants and other stuff. But on reaching Big Bazaar, there wasn't one suitable dress for me, not one. So got a pack of socks from there.

Today, had to report by 10 to office for verification process. Got a bit late, anyways reached there, had the process completed and the detail information broadcast from the HR department. Got out from there by 12 and went to Ananthapuri Hotel for lunch. Came back to office within 20 min. Mine is at Technopark and so had to wait for company transportation. Met a few senior colleagues on the way to company. My first steps in the famed Technopark campus. A serene campus with a corporate touch to the surroundings. My office is in the Tejaswini building. Got a temporary visitor badge for entering the place. Anyways, got an Access card soon after. Had nothing to do basically, other than from checking out the application. The first stage of ST, exploration, was right before me and now I understand the significance of those moments. There was a thorough checking, from my side, of the app. But there were other team members, "Pullis", people far better than me. They were going thru their job, while helping me out to understand the basics of the application. So that was it as the 1st day of office. Had a small chat with my college guys in Qburst before they left for home. A tiny detail, Krishna Sharma is with me, the great "pulli" with me. Not the project, but the cabin. We share the cabin, two project teams,comprising of around 6-8 members per team. Another thing, I think there won't be range inside the office. So totally cut-off from the outside world while in office. Can't access Gmail and stuff, not for this month atleast. So most probably, this is gonna be the only medium of expression open for the time being..

Signing off for now,


Back to Square 1

The old times are back. Back at Kanimangalam with only half my old roomies. Now that Kani has been passed to our juniors, it feels a bit out of touch to be here. The feeling's there but yet something isn't same. Time has flowed so fast that i can't remember how these 5 years have gone by. Now it's time for me to jump into the rat race. Job hunting is the reason why i'm back here. yet nothing has been finalized. Sleeping my days for now.

This sense of desperation that's hanging around is gonna take hold soon. So before that happens, I gotta get my pants up and start running around. What else to write, oh yes, got a new mobile, Nokia 2600c from my cousin. As a gift for, I think, finally completing the B.Tech course. The mobile seems gr8 for now. Haven't tinkered around much with it. But the experiments will soon begin... Let's hope it gets thru.

Much of my thoughts, these days, seem to center on the last 2 yrs of B.Tech, no offense to the others. Feeling sad and yet relieved at the same time. Got some things left to do at college.

Another thing, this Friday, I went to college with Jasim. He had to get Sherry's course completion certificate. The sight there was unbelievable. A fight had just taken place. Some of the juniors had been playing truant for the past few months. So the seniors and their batchmates got togather to teach them a lesson. And what a lesson it was. A well planned, throughly executed stuff, like those done by kings... Took out the ones to be taught and showered them with kicks and beatings. "Ghosts of kicks don't understand words" as Javed Jaffery would say. Anyways, seems that they have finally learnt their lesson. If not, we could be seeing repeat telecasts of the incidents soon. All this excitement had to happen after we had left :(..

That's all for now...
Signing off.....
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