Maybe snow or sleet won't delay the mail but there are other factors -- like lack of faith in the system. The man ahead of me at the post office was getting forms for temporarily stopping mail delivery and change of address. "When you've filled them out," suggested the clerk, " bring them here in person so they don't get lost in the mail.



Some RD jokes.....

Hope you like it.

I> Doc blooper

Still groggy from an operation, the patient was in an agitated state. "Nurse," he moaned, "I heard the surgeon use a four-letter word, and it caused me great distress." "What did the surgeon say?" asked the nurse. "Oops."

Surf to find rather than WILFING


Found this while searching thru blogs.....

It's a cool blog guys. I liked it , maybe you too should check it out.

Finally my exam dates are announced. It's real shit when the univ. dogs simply postpone the exams. Come on , more than 30% students study only the week before the exams. Even then these shits keep shifting the dates, for what guys ??

That's all for now, guys .

Asta la vista , baby.................



Second start.

This is my 2nd blog effort. The 1st one was vandalised by some friends of mine.

Blogs are supposed to be e-diaries or something. But this isn't gonna be just an e-diary. This is somethign far more important to me.

That's all for now...
Gotta go now.
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