The city of Trivadrum(sorry ,Thiruvananthapuram ) is tha capital of state of Kerala .Nice post but no fun
.You see guys , out here , the city goes dead by 9:00 pm at night .This city is supposed to be a fun city not a
utterly conservative one .Yet as soon as the clock strikes 9 , shops close down , no fun centres , no surfing (
unless you gotta connection at home ) and no soul on the streets .The traffic goes down ,the sounds die out an'
people go to sleep as early as 9 in the night .

Now you people tell me does this city suck or not .There seems to be no night life out here .Everyone hangs
their boots by the time its 9 .The night situation is like this .Now what about the weekends ? Ah , yes the great
saturday sundays .The whole of sunday is for sleeping an' nothing else .Well we do have the white collar guys but
then what about the rest ? Why can't others be out of their beds on this day ?

Plz do ponder about these small doubts of my mind an' reply or comment if possible....



The day begins at 9:00 pm for me these days .It's always the 4 am sleep time & waking up at 11:00 am just in
time for a brunch .This is my newest routine for the time being .There is a thought of getting a job which will suit
into my late hours .But nothing has come up yet .If you guys have a solution for this, plz comment .
Since I have taken a break for 6 months from studies, I have ample spare time .So there's an oppertunity to
do something worthwhile & interesting .Until now there have no fixed plans just small thoughts for these 6 months
.Hopefully something comes up before this time runs out .I can't believe that I wrote so much about me out here .A
self-centered freak who's always moaning about what could be done but never does anything .Always waiting for the
push to take the 1st step .When will I grow up ? God knows .
This little piece of my mind seems to be full of shit rather than any useful info for you .But then I have
warned you before .This is a junkyard not an info-centre .Yet at times I feel I could have done something good with
this .But na , how can I do something useful ? You must be wondering why is he so confused & shitty now .The main
reason for that are these late nights .I am becoming a lazy pig as days go by doing nothing nut just eat sleep an'
drink .

Thus at the end of this little diary entry , all you readers have become more confused than before and feel
like killing me .But sorry I ain't available for now.
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