Bored as hell, so what to do???

And so I sit in the lobby of "MNC" company waiting for my round of interview. It seems that I have ticked off a few wrong ones in the initial stages itself. Wearing jeans to the interview. Not bringing my resume since the photostat shop was not yet open. Some of the things have me ticked off too. The formal wear. The long list of candidates for the position. The totally boring visitors lobby.
Waiting, waiting and waiting. As for the first impression, I wanted to run away from the entrance itself, given the fucking dress code. But let's see if the interview is good enough. Wouldn't like to join especially if there is Java involved. I absolutely, without an inch of remorse, detest the language. It's not for people like me, the lazy ones who would go straight to work rather than create loads and loads of code just because the language says so. I'm so anti-pattern at times that I can't believe I have been writing okey-dokey code in Python for the last 5+ years.
Hopefully, this shouldn't take much time as I have hardly taken a look or prepared to a good extent, given that there are other "priorities" as of now. *wink*. Speaking of which, I was not going to announce before March start. There was supposedly to be a post regarding that but then, who the fuck cares about timing or planning. Yours truly is getting hitched soon. :D
It might come off as sudden, given how I wasn't ready to get hitched all these years and all of a sudden, boom. 2017 has brought lovely surprises with it. Got placed in an awesome product company, getting ready for next phase, looking forward to more surprises. *wink wink* Speaking of which, I am still stuck in this fucking lobby, waiting for my call which I suppose wouldn't come even after I finish this post.
Bored, sleepy and getting hungry as times passes.

This is Jo,
Signing off for now.

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