Cupid Yahoo

When reality becomes stranger than fiction and life seems like a movie, that's when you know that something grand has been set in motion.

Dev never knew that the stranger he was going to befriend via Yahoo chat would turn his life upside down. As per routine, he logged in and started searching for ids to chat with. One of the IDs in the chat room caught his attention, a "malini314". Out of curiosity, he pinged with a simple "Hi". One because it seemed like SouthIndian ID and secondly, the PI digits. The person on the other side responded with a "Hi", unaware as to how much their lives would be affected due to this simple exchange of "Hi"s. After a brief exchange about their "alternate" details, the correspondence grew slowly through the coming days. From strangers, they had gone to friends who couldn't stay away from the chats even for a day. A simple Hi from the other end was enough to lift spirits at the end of a deary day. Soon enough, "malini314" and "anand_d" removed their on-line masks and came true about their real selves.

Starting with exchange of photos, they broke through the shells of their alternate self to connect on a truly personal level. Dev couldn't help wonder what had happened between them to lead to such trust in the online world. Maybe the world was less cynical those days. On that day, "malini314" became Lekshmi and "malu" became "lechu". A simple step to discovering themselves through each other. While Dev, "once again", dove head first into love, Lekshmi climbed out of her depression. Their pasts were being laid to rest as they wrote a new future for themselves with the digital ink of 21st century. Chats progressed into video calls, which progressed into phone calls and texts. Soon enough, there wasn't a day when these two didn't talk or see each other. You might be wondering why they didn't meet in person till now. A small detail that Dev forgot to mention, Lekshmi was in Banglore where she was posted directly via college placements while he was still in Kozhikode. As months passed, Lekshmi managed to get a transfer back to Kerala and Dev's happiness knew no bounds as he knew this would be the start of exciting times.

On the day, Lekshmi landed in Kerala, she wasn't expecting much since Dev had already declined to come see her at station. But, as is the fate of lovers, Dev couldn't stay put without seeing her in person at least once. So for a brief glimpse of the dusky beauty whose eyes had captured his heart, Dev traveled all the way to her station, reaching there 15 min before Lekshmi's train arrived. As she stepped on to the platform looking for her mom and brother, she wasn't expecting Dev to be around. But one look at that grinning monkey face and her eyes went wide with surprise and joy. All they could do was steal glances at each other while she walked towards the exit with her family and he towards the same train to return home. They wanted to talk, to hold hands, to let each other know how exciting that moment felt, to finally see each other in person. But alas, that was meant for another day. Back at home, Dev messaged her asking about how she felt seeing him in person. She scolded him saying she would have cleaned up a bit if he had told her that he was going to be there. Laughing at her response, Dev replied that it was her that he wanted to see and that it didn't matter how she looked. All he knew was that she looked angelic in her black dress with her wild tresses. After another hour or so of messaging back and forth, they said their good nights and went off to sleep.

The following days, Lekshmi reported to her new office in Kochi while still working on her old project from Banglore. She felt uprooted and, without Dev, she might have slipped back into the depression that still haunted her. Soon enough, she adjusted with the new place and routines while still holding on to Dev. Their long-distance relationship had come a bit more closer but there was still a huge gap. As days progressed, they moved onto serious matters pertaining to their relationship. Both wanted to take it to the next level and the eagerness to be closer. But then, Fate had other plans for the lovebirds as usual. Not every story has a "Happily ever after" ending as Bollywood often tells us.

Thanks for reading through this one. The next half shall follow as soon as I finish it up in my head.
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