Another day goes by without an aim or purpose. Finally, Aagneya's over. Had a small duty as Games co-orddinator for NFS, my weakness. So there went my 3 days, actually more than 5 days considering the day b4 and the day after. The main days were 13th, 14th and 15th. On 12th, we had to arrange the comp's for the games. Sreejith, Vineeth and Jose's job. I sat around giving advice, then went to Web World for sponsorship. A bit late, I know, but then you know the lazy me. Anyways the actual job was to begin at night when the systems were to be configured and stuff. By the evening, the job was half done and I came back to Kani after a hectic day of classes and discussions.

Freshened up and left for Kanakunnu, place where Aagneya was happening. On reaching, we got to know that the original games room wasn't available so got around looking for places. Finally zeroed in on the hall next to the conference hall. Set up the systems and also the LAN stuff. By that time, it was almost 10 and we had to leave.

Next day, 13th of FEB, Aagneya '09 begins. The Circuit designing was supposed to happen in the games hall. So we all got to work. Set up all the LAN finally, installed the stuff and then left the hall to the Event co-ordinators. Had some food in between, small talk with classmates and lots of boredom. Finally I called it a day at 10 in the night. We had the Family night, our HOD's play in the evening. I never heard so much booing before. The play's theme was good and the acting was at par. But it wasn't for the college lads and lasses. After that there were songs and dances by the college team. Nice mix of melodies, foot tapping no.s to real "PANDI" stuff. The rock show was supposed to happen after that. But most of us were too tired to stay. Anyways, the diehard guys were there for the event. There was a slight delay which led the event to be held after 10 pm. The rest was history.

14th of Feb, Valentine's day. We had CS in the gaming section.It was organized by Unni, my co- coordinator. I was a bit late in reaching and in between some switches and extension ports had melted. The main problem was that most power outlets were not working in that room. So we took power from adjoining room and somehow managed to start. But then the cables gave way and melted leaving us high and dry. Finally by 12, Sandeep got some new wires and ports and we powered the systems through three different outlets. Due to the delay, some teams had to withdraw. Anyways, the tournament began. It was league-wise since the no. of teams were low. By the evening, Two were left standing. One from TKM,kollam and the other from Advent,Trivandrum. You should have been there to see. What a battle !! Neck to neck throughout their matches, we had to go into sudden death twice. Finally, the TKM guys came on top. The prizes were given away and We were left to reshuffle the systems for the next event. There was the CAD event on final day, so systems had to be provided for them too. Leaving 6 systems for NFS, we handed the rest to the CAD event team. After that we left to the main stage where Fashion show was happening, a bit late since the 1st team's show was almost over. I sat thru the rest without much interest. There were none except one who were upto the mark, according to me. After having dinner with Thomson, I came back to Kani.

15th of FEB, my day of reckoning. I arrived by 8, the rest of the CAD team were there. All systems were setup by 10:30 as supposed to 10. The event began by 11:15 without much hassle. There were a few participants intially. The event was basically a time trial. The one with the fastest lap was the winner. The event hotted up only by the end of the day. There were three guys from CET, who were beating the shit out of each other on the track. The drama that ensued made our pockets fatter. Finally the top 2 were chosen. Seeing their lap time, some of our guys couldn't hold back. We had dummy races to find who was the fastest among us. After a few hours of racing, we packed up the systems for transport and left for the grand event.

EUPHORIA. In trivandrum for the 1st time. The security was tight given the magnitude of the event. Passes were throughly cross-checked before entry and looking the no. of volunteers in the area, no one would have dared to show mischief. The Band for kolkata rocked the scene. The show was covered by Kairali and it was telecasted many times during the next month. Anyways, the night rocked like never before and I can still hear the songs in my mind..

This is quite late an entry as I didn't complete it earlier..

08-04-09 Tender thoughts !!

My extension draws to an end and it feels suffocating. My heart's filled with pain of parting. Nothing seems to be fine. No enthu in life. Yet I need to overcome the melancholy that surrounds me to enjoy these few days that I really have. This batch is gonna remain in my heart for ever, I promise to do my best. Those moments of laughter, camaraderie, fights( especially those paper fights in Shamna teacher's class) and those unforgettable kicks on most of our butts. I'll remember those moments of tiffin sharing, makes me miss my school life and those kathiadi times too. These sweet memories will always remain , etched for ever in my heart. You guys showed me the value of friendship, of being there for one another, the Musketeer style, all for 1 and 1 for all, those journey together, those class cuts.. Forget I may some, but never the place shall anyone take that you have in my heart..
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