Life isn't fair. So why should you be ??

This isn't a jot down why you shouldn't or why you should. Just a thought pattern hanging in between the two extremes. At times, I wonder how can any human being's heart be so cold and frosty. It isn't that I haven't been so myself but even then, most melt before reason or emotion. A bit of humanity, a small amount of suffering for the fellow being is all that it takes. Yet most of us so easily take the easy way out. When will we understand that it can be Win-Win world rather than a Win-Lose world ? Until then, the question remains like a Pandora's Box. You open it and misery comes out. An introspection into our daily lives will show how much fair we have been to others. The extra bit of work passed onto your friend or colleague, that extra piece of cake that you took from the plate, the best seat that you took while traveling on the bus or even the wee bit of time that you overspent before your friend's laptop/PC.

These are some of the incidents that I could remember, there are many more. It seems so good to have tasted that victory but at the cost of what ? You may say it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, but are we not a part of it ? Can't you be the change that you would love to see in others ? Every drop of water is needed to fill the ocean and so every good thing that you do may inspire someone else do so too. A small sacrifice that may hurt initially but will bring peace to your heart. It's easier sleeping with a peaceful heart than a victorious one.

Signing off for now,
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