Excerpts from a sweet memory

I wrote down this post last night, so most of the time references would be shifted by a day ;). Anyways, 2morow is the 14th of Feb, Valentine's Day. A day of love, westernized maybe, but still a special day for guys like us. Let the moral police go to hell, do what you wanna do but within the civilized limits. So starting of with my post ::

2morow night would be the 3rd anniversary. Can't believe I had so much balls to give a love-letter to a girl. A spur of the moment decision and off I was, with Criti, to Archies @ Overbridge to buy a card. Chose one that looked sweet yet simple. Hope "She" still has it with her. Was awake till 2 in the morning, re-writing letters, re-phrasing my words, making up poems and what not. Think I wrote my letter at least thrice b4 the final copy was ready.

Next day, was on hyper-drive. Came to college, late as usual, with only thing in mind. To propose to mi lady. Still remember the shivering and those knocking knees. Right in the classroom where I sat for 3 semesters, I opened up my heart. Another thing that binds my memory to GEC, Room no. 305. That room helped open my heart twice, once 3yrs back two days from now, and next on 26th of June last yr. I left my B.Tech in that class, after almost 3 yrs of fun with my old batch, joined back to B.Tech with my new batch in that same class, made new friends there and finally bade farewell to college from that very same room.

Coming back to Feb'07, I walked up and called her out from her gang. Gave her the card and my letter. Nothing filmy, just simple exchange of thoughts. Told her about my feelings for her, from the 1st day of college when I first saw her big eyes, her specs and those jasmine flowers on her hair. I did have doubts whether I could convey all that in whatever Malayalam I knew. Somehow, by God's grace I managed. She replied stating facts that she wasn't the best option for me then. All that she said on that day stills rings loud and clear in my ears. Even now, it hurts to think that I let go of such a sweet girl and completely messed it up. Not that I blame her for what she said, but myself for being so naive and laid-back when it comes to matters like these. I don't win arguments, not now and certainly not back then.

Looking back, I have learn't a thing or two for that experience. One, love at first sight isn't a myth. Two, it's great to have a broken heart, for you can learn to start anew. Three, it showed that unless you give it your all, you won't get what you yearn for. But then, I wouldn't have messed up, my already messed up, life so much if I hadn't "Niked".
Anyways, memories will remain and looking back to days after that, I gained so much in life that it could be termed as a blessing in disguise. See where I stand nwo, a nice job, an incomplete degree and ready-to-fall-in-love heart. In short, seems like "Jo hota hai, acche ke liye hi hota hai"(No pun intended).
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