On the forks, again !

This is what happens when you cross a blogger on sick leave and a mobile to type notes into. :P
Another note in my mobile. Hopefully, this will see the daylight sometime. Being sick is real boring. You have to stay away from office AC, no drinking cold liquids, can't get wet in the rain and on and on.. However, all this free time gives you something to think about. The funny thing is what you tend to think during these moments are supposed to be never brought up again. For the God-knows-how-many time in my life, i feel sad about losing someone very close. Faces haunt, i learnt that the hard way. Plus if you get to hear "romantic" oldies, it's bound to affect. The low floor buses, incidentally, play melodies rather than tuning into an FM station. Talking about low-floors, they have started to creak, arrive late and seem wanting to some brushing. Leaving their sad state aside, the low-floors remain a cost effective way to reach Technopark. Hopefully, the KSRTC will do something before its too late.
Ah, meandering again. Back to being senti over someone, blah blah blah.. I should bloody stop crying over spilled milk, its high time.. She's gone and you are still here. Look for the next chick to have a crush on. Move on, bro..
Speaking of chicks, trivandrum pulls out a rabbit each time i loose hope and start yearning for kochi or thrissur. Maybe it's the TCS training schedule or is it UST. Ah, never mind. The bottom line is my eyes get beauties to watch.
Seems like i may have to stop for now. It's almost 10 and i got to get up early for the driving lessons. Ah, forgot to mention. My driving classes have resumed and hopefully, this time i'll get thru to the last stage, a driver's license.
It's Adios for now,
this is Jo signing

Meandering thoughts

A late entry again. Something that I penned, err.. typed while on my way back from office.
The rain gods seem to wake up in the evening these days. Travelling in a cab with all windows closed seems so suffocating but there seems to be no other option for the time being. Back at work, my mind seems to be stuck at some place, the pace of work so slow. My first task seems tough, there seems to be a lot of loopholes. Hoping that it doesn't turn into a nightmare. Btw, the leaves for the exams have been accepted and now all that remains is to study. God help me with that. Speaking of God, it looks i'm drifting away from the Christian way of life. Life seems to a meandering stream with no specific goals. Seems like the rain has stopped, Yippee ! Speaking of rain, missing those hot coffee on balcony times at Kani.*dreamy eyes * Back to reality, the bus is stuck, as usual, in a block. More time to write, err.. type. Flow gaya :-x..
Got lost in the songs being played in the cab. Most of them are of the romantic oldies, shit.. Starting to feel sleepy, effects of the songs :-x.. Anyways, looks like it's gonna be long ride to home, stuck at Sreekariyam for some time now. I'm off to surrender to the songs, err.. sleep.#
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