A Short trip to the Garden City

Months have passed since an entry was made here. There were so many things to blog about like our Christmas Celebrations, the QBurst Day celebrations and much more. But then, how could a person as lazy as me update frequently ;)... Anyways, rite now, this is Jo blogging from the Garden City of India, B'lore. To be short and sweet, this is just the alpha of my twp-day trip and there is not much to update for the time being. Just a sec, yes I do have some updates.

I had planned this trip over a whimsical feeling of running away from trivandrum city. Seems like the city is starting to bore, or maybe it's because one of my pillars of support, Sundar, has been away for the past month for training. The dude's got a job as Sorting Assistant in RMS and the best thing is that he's still boozes and smokes, yet he's the class topper. Well leaving that aside, I called Chinju, a.k.a Vishku a.k.a Vivek, a few weeks back when this idea germinated in my mind. He had a weeding, err... wedding last week to attend last week and so the trip had to be postponed for this week. The tickets were booked last monday and here I am, on a Saturday @ Chinju's place. Dude's pretty tired after a session of late night browsing and so is sleeping for the time being. About the journey, it wasn't a drab one but neither that interesting. However the excitement of travelling via bus for such long distance after a gap of around 3 yrs, i think, was enough to keep me in high spirits. We started of from Music College,Thycaud at around 7pm Friday. The fun part is my journey from office to the stop. Anoop Nair, my friend cum driver cum chatbox cum joker cum...., was the one responsible for all the adrenaline shots. He's such a nice driver when it comes to cars but on the bike, he's a speed fiend. But then, comparing to Srijith, he's just a normal biker. Anyways, the dude got me from office to my home in under 30 mins, and then dropped me off at Music College in 15 mins. The escapades while driving are worth a blog entry themselves btu I gonna limit it to just a mention ;). On reaching Thycaud, there was Prabodh from my previous btach Mech. The dude resigned from Accenture and is currently a Customs SI. Just that I was on my to B'lore and he to Chennai with the same aim, meeting friends :D.
After he left, since his bus was 6:30, I called up the Travels and they pointed me to the place where the bus was parked. I got to the place but not before a small wild goose chase around the area. I was just in time, as the driver had brought the bus to the front of the road. While waiting for the bus to start, I called up my friends in B'lore announcing my arrival :). And soon after began the journey.

The seats were good but I was a bit afraid that I would break those levers on which the seats were to be tilted. Thankfully, nothing of that sort happened and after 12 hours of journey, I reach B'lore. Woke up Chinju twice to know how I could reach his place. After I landed, had a cup of tea which, to say the least, was good and then had a 2 min walk to the Hanuman Temple. From there, a small bylane and a left turn was needed to meet up Chinju. Chinju's gone slim, I think, but still he's the same freak who's been with me for the last 16 yrs. Anyways, that ends the current description of my situation till now.

Adios for now,
This is Jo...
Signing off.
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