Things that made me.

As the title says, this post is an introspection into what makes me be so me, so different, so cranked up, so wild and unpredictable. Well here it goes.

My seemingly wild ways. along with my devil-may-care attitude stems from the fact that I had Sumit, a.k.a Appu as one of my best friends. The guy's one hell of a thick-skinned, ultra-cool guy who's a real cool dude to hang out with. He's got the wildest dressing sense, in fact, you could almost see him in shorts with a leather jacket in a freezing Kolkata winter. Yet, he wouldn't give a shit as what you think about his attire. He used to grow long hair before "Tere Naam" was released. had studs in his ear while he was still in school, i think in 7th or 8th. The guy could literally wear a flaming yellow shirt coupled with a dark short, have his hair colored all brown and yet chat around with people as if it were his 2nd skin. Not that I could ever do this on my own, but yes I have come close to emulating him, but on dance stages for those who have seen me. ;)

Next in line is my writing bug. This is something that is a gift from Mrs. Manjula Banerjee, Manjula Ma'am as we all called her, way back in my 5th or 6th. There was this chapter called "The Tiger and the Porcupine" and we were supposed to write down the answers for the questions at the end of the chapter. Speaking of "Porcupine", I still remember how my hair used to stand like porcupine quills after my monthly haircut, shining from the oil that Mom used to pour on my head before the bath. Anyways, we had to prepare answers for the questions by the time the lesson was to be over, i.e go over the lesson the night before, write down the answers in a separate rough book and then recite them in class once the lesson was over. So I had this answer written down for all the questions in the chapter, actually plagiarized them from the guide book. But the thing was that I wrote them down in my English. 3 out 7 answers chosen were mine, not a mean achievement given the fact that around half the class prepared answers. That's when it finally struck that I could also write, maybe plagiarized stuff but yes write them in my own words. Thus was born the writer that you see...

My reading habit stems from the fact that my Mom used to be manager at one of the book publishing agencies in Kolkata. She used to bring all kinds of novels, books, magazines from office for me to read and oh boy, wasn't it a jolly time for me. To see Mom bring in books ranging from pure philosophy to political satires was a joy in itself. I have been exposed to reading Adult stories long before I read "The Tempest". Now don't say that Shakespeare's play wasn't adult in its content or that "Macbeth" or "Merchant of Venice" or even "Romeo and Juliet" were adult in content. The preface to each of the plays had a breif description regarding the symbolism in the words. People should actually read the Prologue and Preface of any book. It gives insight to what the book might be about or the idea that the author to pen it down. Anyways, Thanks to Mom and Dad, I could read all that I want even during the exams provided I finished up my lessons before that. "Reader's Digest" was a ever present member in our household, I think there may be copies of old editions lying inside the bottom shelf of the showcase at home. Another thing that I would like to share, I got "Lady Chatterly's Lover" as a prize for scoring high marks in Maths in my 10th. For those who haven't heard of this book, please google it up(NSFW).

My love of lines of code come from Mrs. J Dasgupta's classes. She was a absolute beauty, 'sigh', miss her classes, hearing her voices and those class definitions of C++. I wouldn't say she was the best teacher for C++, but yes it was her class and those problems that she used make us do that had me hooked to writing code. Different types of problems, simple to solve and yet fun to figure out the way to solve it. Oh yes, it was fun trying print patterns using for loops, even variations from the original problem. That problem could be solved within 15 mins but the variations to the actual patterns was what had me spend evenings in the company of the for loop. Then B.Tech let my code dreams catch flight while it slowly killed the writer in me. Speaking of which, the fact that I could not pursue MassCom was one of the primary reasons I didn't give much of a serious thought to B.Tech.

The aloofness to pursuing perfection comes from the fact that I walked in company of giants all my academic life. Compared to them, I am but an insignificant speck. Thanks to them, I have gained so much both experience and mental strength. I know that I can be happy coming second, let others use my ideas. That is because the ones that really matter, would have already thought of a thousand other ways. It lets me concentrate on finding joy within lines of code and prose rather than in exaltation of my achievements.

Next in case study of Jo comes the craze for web and Python. This is one thing I would be ever grateful to Jazz. He was the one who thought it would be great to do our final project in Python instead of Java or C++. Thanks to him, I fell in love with Python. Javascript and HTML were thrust upon me for the IT lab in 6th semester. Well, Javascript and I go further than just lab, I am used to writing prototype scripts or designs in JS, rather than any other language, not that I am proficient in it.

I should be stopping this post for now, since it is already late and I need to go to office tomorrow, oopsi today.
This is Jo signing off,


Weekends - Nth time

The weekend is almost over and the month of July has begun. Friday is the usual fare, go to office late, get out early for a first day, first show movie else work late till it's time to close the shutters. :D This weekend, it was time for a movie. Saw Ustad Hotel and must say it was worth watching it after buying the tickets in black. bought 55 ticket for 75 and still felt good at the end of it. Nothing moves me like food, love and acts of kindness and this movie has it all. Was actually hoping to catch it again tonite, but alas, seems like I was to write down this post instead of watching the film. Anyways, I had never expected Dulqur, or is it Dulqar, never mind, to be this restrained. This is his 2nd film, I haven't yet seen Second Show, will download hopefully or get it from somewhere. Anyways, he's got talent and the guy's got the looks too. I am hoping to get a beard like his sometime soon. But not until the end of August hopefully as, for the last and final time, I am growing my hair for a ponytail and this time, taunts can go to hell.. :P
Back to the post, ya the movie is a must watch for all. That was Friday evening. Mukesh dropped me at GPO after the movie and then the walk back home. For those who still are unware, I had a house shifting from Kani to Statue. Currently, got a place as a PG. The food is simply awesome and the room is quite nice. Hopefully should upload photos once I am able to clean it up. :P Anyways, came back, had a dinner and went to sleep after a small session on the Messenger. I was hoping to roll that night on MW, but was too tired and sleepy to drive properly. Why risk a 2nd place with Sharmaji when I could catch up some other day. Speaking of Sharmaji, installed a new software called GameRanger, let's you play online multiplayer games for the cracked ones too. Seems okay till now as the sessions were fine when I initially tested it with Sharmaji. So, it's back to MW after quite a long time and my fingers are still rusty at the controls. Need to practise A LOT before I can take on the new, improved version of Sharmaji. :P Anyhow, zooming back to Saturday, got up late as usual, 10:30 I think. I was woken up by persistant knocks on my door, as the breakfast was ready. Even then, caught a few more minutes of sleep before I had breakfast. Got ready to for travelling to Mom's place. Ammachi's been keeping a bit sick over these days. Hopefully, it isn't that serious. Seems like I may have to go to church for lighting a few candles for her sake. Anyways, given the lazy me and the general apathy towards religious duty, that isn't gonna happen any time soon. So by the time I was ready to leave, it was already 1:30 I think. 1:30, for someone who had breakfast by 11:30.. Pretty damn slow these days. Luck has its own way, for Mukesh was around, he was on his way to a friend's office. The guy's a gem and he dropped me till Ayurveda college after warning that it would be impossible to got towards PMG as there was some trouble near Statue. Anyways, crossed over and walked till Thampanoor bus stand. God knows how long it has been since I last caught a bus from there for going home. Thankfully, no more waiting at PMG for catching the bus. Ouch, that hurts.. Those blaady memories.. Ya, another thing, I am hoping to let go the past strings and let the future surprise me. No more bringing up the past. I have made peace with it and that should be the last of it.
Anyways, journey home was a bliss. Got a seat soon enough and even had quite a good time reading thru Narnia stories. One thing about bus travel is that, no matter if I sit or stand, I feel damn sleepy when I get into one. No matter how much I may have slept before that moment. Speaking of which, just had a yawn. Time to go to sleep, but first let's finish this up and watch a few videos from FB. ;) Speaking of travel, it felt really good to be on the bus again, felt younger, without care and the wind in the hair. Have to plan some trips to places. This is gotta be the adrenaline shots that I have been craving for some time now. To cut the long story short, felt real good to travel and had to spend some time sleeping on the front steps of the house too. Ammachi was out for a Kudumbaprathana and I wasn't keen on going to my uncle's place. So used the bag as a pillow and slept there for an hour so. Made me remember my childhood, when mom used to sit there and I kept my head on her lap. Alas, if I ask her to sit like that now, she's gonna pinch off some skin so that the idea doesn't strke me again. :P So, waited, rather slept there till Ammachi came back. After she came, there was vada in her hand. Just like my sweet "Muthuki thalla", to bring back something for me to eat. Had the vada while she prepared lunch for me at 6:30 in the evening. :D. Had lunch, a bit of chit chat after which I fell asleep reading thru Narnia on my mob. Woke up at 9:30 for dinner, that too because ammachi had started to pinch me after calling my name for some time. Had dinner and then a quick sleep. In between, one of the Idiots msged asking me the full-form of KFC, something from one of my FB posts. Come Sunday, got up late again, didn't go to church and washed my clothes instead. In between watched Charlie's Angels, The Golden Compass, Bad Boys, The Core and one more from the morning till I left for Trivandrum. Reached Trivandrum by 8, caught rain in between the journey and then back to home. Made my way to Sundar's place. It was his perunal toaday, birthday according to Malayalam calendar, for those who don't know. Had some payasam and then made a dash for Kripa. Couldn't get two tickets as the queue was too long. Somehow Sundar managed a ticket while I had to walk back alone. Anyways, all's well that ends well. Got time to write this, now that's worth a movie. :D Atleast, something for you people to read.. ;)
This is Jo signing off,



It's been a long time since I last posted. These past months have just whizzed by and I am still catching up with the changes. Well, topmost on the list, we have finally moved out of Kanimangalam. 4 years of enjoyment, happiness, friendship, love, grief, tension and what not.. Still remember the Paalukachu at Kanimangalam. Those times with the first 7 of Kani, Thomichan, Sakhav, Achar, Thampi, Jasim, Sheik and Sasi. Still remember, Suma and Pretty getting the salted drinks. Those chocolates as gift. Finally the photo session on the balcony. Sigh... Then the Mafia wars addiction, thanks to KK sir's Docomo stick. The exams, and finally end of 5 years of B.Tech life. The first job, QBurst.. The interview with Ansarji, and thrill of getting thru. Telling him that I would like to the next day instead of that day itself, because I had to celebrate the occasion. Don't know what made me say so that day. Pagalpanti.
Then the next 1.5 years as QA in the Clearspring team. The foodings, the outing, the release tensions. Long working hours before the day of release. Testing out on test, uat and prod. Then, shifting of Densil bhai to Kochi, me shifting to Forum support helping out Angel, then Angel moving to Infy while I switch to Python development. Those times in the PrivateFly cabin, then to the Plusnet cabin. The Tea team. In between, Meher and then someone else. Finally the shift to Vazhuthacad and so on till now...
Now, it's almost a week since the shift to Statue. New surroundings, coming in terms with the loss of Kanimangalam. Finding my feet, literally. Lots of plans for future. High expectations from myself. Don't know if this will work out or not. Hoping for the best. So that wraps up a small synopsis of Kani and afterwards.. Now to the present :P
The internal cricket tournament for QBurst was held this weekend. Went there as a reserve and had to get down in the field as the team strength was low. Too lazy to describe the tournament. For those interested in stats, have a look at http://2012.crikees.com. The rest can continue reading this post. Anyways, two days of playing took a toll on my body. A slight pain still remains on the back as a result of my lethargic fielding and batting. No, I don't bowl even though I am listed as a Bowler in the team description. Also, slept for quite a long time on both days as a result of the tiredness. Unlike the usual weekends, where I keep chatting on Y! messenger and keep reading/liking posts on FB. Hopefully, the body should be back to normal within 2~3 days and then the usually running around. The Avengers is back in Trivandrum theatres, this time in Sree Padamnabha, thanks to the requests posted on their FB wall. I think I should be going for it some time soon. Anyways, who knows what the future holds. Thinking of the future, my Bhootni may land in Trivandrum as a part of her job searching and parents' plan to settle down here in Trivandrum. Hopefully, I should be able to run off to Noida or Hyderabad, once this helluva degree is over, before they actually land here. That way, I am still free of settling down here while I also get to roam India. Plans, plans and plans... Everything is there in the mind, a vague mishmash of ideas, thoughts and dreams. Sigh...
Anyways, back to Statue. Living here as a PG, homely food, lavish single room, easy access to city. Even a Bar opposite the front gate, when I have finally left drinking. :P Hey Bhagwan, vichitre hai teri leela.. Sadly, the days are boring and so I usually look forward to Mondays now, OMG I just wrote the impossible.. I used to hate Mondays, even have a Tee questioning why Monday couldn't be returned back. :D Feeling sleepy for now and so stopping this post...
Until next time..
This is Jo signing off,


Start of the 26th

25 years of a lifetime, gone within the blink of an eye. Here I stand, feeling the weight of 26th year and with joy in my heart. A really surprizing start, I must say. A least expected token of love/respect from my roomies adn that makes the feeling special. Let's stop beating around the bush and start the entry. :D
Coming back late after work is the current obession for me. I have started to work late hours at office, just to keep count of "8 hours of actual work". That's just my justification for the process. Actually, there's a slight crunch in the deadlines, have been the laziest all through this year. Maybe, it's the excitement of celebrating the New Year with family and now the looming location change. We'll be moving to Vazthacaud, the "corporate headquarters" of QBurst Technologies, within a few weeks for continuing work on my current project. Seems like my laziness has passed on to my teammates, or is it me alone ? Not sure as to if I am the only one responsible for this deportation. Anyhow, leaving that behind for now. Will come back to discussing the pros and cons of moving on some other post, some other day. So I come back late on 23rd, around 11 PM, and least expecting anyone to remember my birthday. So after some freshening up, I sit on my lap to watch some movie. Made Binu copy up 2 Telugu films to watch, and they were so boring that I had to stop after 5 mins. Anyways, started watching some English movie as an antidote.
At 00:00 on 24th, the idiots in room wish me and bring in this

well, at least they could have not written my age on it. The icing was tictac tablets, courtesy Shekhar's imagination. Anyways, the cake and the tablets felt nice. Having the jab of cool mint in my mouth while the taste of plum lingers on, heavenly to say the least. The cake was cut and distributed for eating. Regarding the bumps, they postponed it till morning since not all of us were awake then. The good thing was, they forgot about it in the morning. :D
Early morning rise was impossible since I slept around 1. Yash called up at 1:05 and I was so fast asleep that I didn't hear the ring. Anyways, got up late at 7:30 and then the mad rush for the cab. Frankly, I should have called up "Idiot" to hold the cab up for me. But then, mind doesn't figure out the way until it is too late. So I miss the cab, now that's an awesome start to the new year, and so thought of paying a visit to my dearest BRO. Made my way to the Spencer's church and spent a few mins conversing with BRO, actually a one-way prayer for the things that I got and would be getting. Then, breakfast at Aruna's. Seems like the hotel has special place in my plan of things. Right from the days in college to the 1st day of the 26th year ;). After breakfast, a walk to PMG and then a bus cum auto to office. A few birthday messages in between, and oh, forgot to write. It was Mom's call that woke me up at 7:30. A wish for her dear nikkamma son and then over to Pop's for his share of wishes. What happened between me and Pop's is still hazy, however this was the first time that we were having an uneasy conversation on phone. God knows, what happened ? Must be the news that Sis cleared her 7th semester with 7.18 GPA. My dear Bhootni seems to be rocking in Bhilai. She's on the way to clear her degree before her Nikkamma brother does it. As if I cared about that, even though Mom and Dad do. Speaking of which, I didn't get through the 7th sem. Results came out a few days back, didn't have the courage to call Mom and say that I failed again. They still expect their son to perform like he did in his 10th and 12th. Leaving that academic crap behind, moving on to the office.
Reached before 9:30, I think. Got greeted by slaps on my back from the cabin mates and then the handshakes, in that order. Went out to fill up the water bottle. I get too damn thirsty sitting in that AC full time. On the way back, I am greeted again with hits, it's with bottles this time from my "Tea team". Came back to seat and started working, albeit for a short time. Well, how can someone be expected to work when it rains slaps on the back from time to time. The sample vediketts were just an aberration, something worse was in store for the evening.
I must say, this was the most surprizing birthday that I have ever celebrated. The "Tea Team" had already planned a cake facial, me being the unknowing victim. I was expecting a cake facial from my cabin mates, at the most. They called up on the pretext of having tea in the pantry. A little late by our usual timing but then better late than never. There was the cake waiting for me, to be cut, to be smeared and to plastered over my whole face. Well, cake facials can be borne without much hassle but what do I say about those birthday bumps. My back was sore with slaps and kicks by the time I was ready for cutting the cake. That too, this was only the 1st and there was another waiting for me after that. So after I cut the cake, instead of getting my lips onto it, I had my whole face touching the cake. aaah, the feel of icing on the face and eyes. Well the idiots even tried cramming it up my ears and neck and they were successful in that too. :P. A few clicks and then off to the wash room for the clean up. Had to spend around 15 mins just to get the cake out of my system. Back to office, like a wet cat with the hair still having the feel of icing on it. Thankffully, someone had turned off the AC and so I didn't have to shiver much. Next thing I knew was being dragged back to pantry for the 2nd edition of cake facial, this time my cabin mates. Thankfully, the celebrations have mellowed down.
Last time, I was manhandled by half the office guys. I was literally carried to the pantry back then. All the while being at the recieving end of the bumps. Anyways, this time the bumps were lesser but still painful for my now-fluffed-up bums. After that, the cake was cut. What was written on top of the cakes is out of bounds to be written here since that would take another round of posts to explain. :P. Anyways, the next facial was completed, harsher and more complete than the earlier one. This one took me around half-an-hour to clear up but thankfully, it was the last. Back to office and then a quick work to finish up a pending task. Not that it was completed by the time it was for me to leave. Anyways, pleaded JK to complete it for me while I ran for the cab, again. This time however, I could catch it. How I reached so early before time is anybody's guess because I was home by 7:20. Next in line was a treat for my roomies. Had to wait for Binu to reach back after office. The bugger had to drop in at his former office for something. So he had us waiting till 9 before we decided to make the move to Zamzam. Reached there, but not soon enough because the place was all choc-a-block with people. So had to settle for Noor Mahal instead. Binu reached by the time we were in front of the hotel. Now that's timing :D.
Dinner was a long affair lasting around an hour, thanx to the slow service there. Had some fun looking at the beauties in there, most of them with someone. :P. How come, the good ones seem to be booked. Anways, back home after the dinner and then a long sleep, I mean real long sleep. Got up at 11:30 in the afternoon yesterday. Well, it is Yesterday since I started writing this post. Thanks to Facebook for wasting the precious hours in between. :P. Woke up late in the afternoon, walked up to Kunnukuzhy in search of lunch only face failure. So walked further till MLA Veg Canteen for the lunch. Anyways, how to expect lunch at 2:30 in the afternoon. Luckily, we, Binu, Shekhar and me, didn't have to walk again. Had lunch and then a long walk back home under the hot sun. Sundar called up asking if we were at home. He came over in a jiffy, if an hour of waiting could be summerized as jiffy ;). Made plans to watch some movie. We were supposed to go for some Tamil film, changed mind at the last moment to watch Jodi Breakers, instead. Well, bad luck seemed to be in sync with us. Wanted to catch an auto to the theatre but no one was ready. Not sure why, so had to catch a bus. The film was supposed to start at 6:15 as per our calculations. We were already late by 2 mins. However, the timing shown was 6:30 when we reached the Theatre. Anjali was the place, SL theatres for the ignorant. Bought tickets and I had to wait while Sundar and Binu grabbed a quick puff or two. Checked weight and it showed 68.3, I think. Must have been my slippers to that extra 2-3kgs... Got in to watch the movie. Must say, it's a one time watch. Entertaining but it dragged a bit in between after the interval. Anyways, the climax was a quick roll-up leaving, at least me, a bit dissatisfied. Made my way back to Kani with Binu, bought few dosas for dinner in between.
Back at Kani, I had a quick dinner since I was famished by the end of the movie. Re-activated my Facebook profile, God know's for what reason. Had a long look at profile pictures of the beauties in my friends list. Then finished up this boring piece of a post and so ends my entry for now.
This is Jo signing off for now,


A silent admiration

The sudden flash of lightening, that Eureka feeling. I don't know how to put this across. Let's try the to-the-point style. The one girl, I thought, I would never come to admire, the one who will never gain respect in my heart. Ha, the fallacies of the human nature. How time erodes those barriers, something that I now know first hand. I haven't been in touch, frankly I have rarely spoken to her or gazed upon those eyes. Her eyes, they seem so alive with passion to fight, the arrogance of having lived twice and sparkling with the fervour of living the moment. I could never let her know that she's finally won my admiration. Her spirit, her beauty and well, even her stubborness. Reminds me of my dear sis. But this is like the goddess who's to be worshipped, never loved. For you can have foolish hopes that she would return the favour. For such kindness is rare, even more thanx to the fact, that she's already bound to someone else.
Well, what do I call this feeling then ? Something short of worshipping, but higher than just admiration. Something that I can never express in open but something that cannot be contained within. It's the sort of  feeling one gets when you see something as simple as a floating cloud beneath your feet or that first bud of rose on a stem. Something so vunerable, yet so strong. Well, it looks like I am almost on my knees singing paeans of her praise. Hell ya, it is kinda praise, for beauty worth feeling about is worth writing about.
I'm kinda gonna keep those eyes nearby, for the hope that it would drag me out of any misery that I drown into so often. This isn't f*&$%# love. It's this feel of silent admiration of a mystery that revolves around those eyes, that spirited being of a human. All that I can do for now is perhaps a symbolic tipping of the hat before her. This said and written will never be discussed again because it would be sacrilege to this silent admiration. Aah, those eyes.. :D
This is Jo signing off for now,


Towards Nirvana

Kuch naye he khile phool is gulistan mein,
Anjaane hi sahi, par khusbu to aane lagi
Khwaab kuch naye sajjne lage iss dil mein,
Kisi ki muskurahat yunhi yaad aane lagi...

Well, well. I feel swamped by that old feeling again. Something that I was unsure could happen again. Maybe it's just a flash in the pan, or who knows something for the better. Anyhow, one thing's for sure, I wanna know more about Miss Intriguing smile. There's always room for a bit of risk. Risk to gain something finally worth feeling the pain for. As one of the idiots in my office once messaged : "It's completely impossible to find someone who won't ever hurt you.. So go for someone who will make the pain worthwhile..", I hope MIS is the one. ;)
BTW, all this goody goody feeling is happening because I just finished seeing a funny, moving, romantic film "Crazy Stupid Love". Films make me feel better, hands on for the romantic ones. However, they do the opposite for some others that I know. To cut the story short, this post was about this new warmth filling my heart and so I would like to end it on this note.

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

This is Jo signing off for now,


A Novel Nirvana

Lamhon ke ye nazakat to dekho,
Is dard-e-dil mein phir bahaar sa aaya,
Phool aise khile he unke ke liye,
Ki ab hamaare nazaron ko koi aur na bhaaya.

For those who won't be able to decipher the above lines, here's a synopsis of the same. Look at the nuances of time that flows by, turning pain into garden, where each flower buds out for her, for there is none so worthy who could turn my gaze away from her.

Well, this is the 3rd draft for this post and yet I am unable to find words to describe my present feelings. I feel like a total idiot who knows what is it that his heart wants to say but his mind wanders about. Thinking of her face, the way she smiles and those glasses on her nose. Aaah, that's a sight to watch. What I wouldn't give to just stare at that beauty, to let her know what I feel for her. The care that seems to grow with each passing day and the anxiety of her withdrawing if that came to light. Never have I been so confused lately with what I feel and what I think. She's managed to pull out most of the stops that I had planted between her and my heart. I fear only one thing now, that I may be unable to express how much she means to me. As always, this fear of failure is chilling my spine. I wish to stop writing this for this may never see the light of the day, unless I moderate the content.

Just this one thing, she's made me look at the brighter side of life again. I wish that this angel of mine remains with me. Nothing short of a prayer, yet just a simple wish from someone who's besotted with love. As always, these words from Van Helsing, the movie, come to my rescue :
"I have no heart! I feel no love... nor fear... nor joy... nor sorrow! I am... hollow..."
It's time that I leave these words behind and begin a journey, a journey who's destination is an Angel. An "aishwaryam-olla" kutti, who is yet to know the value of her in my eyes.

This is Jo signing off,
Adios for now


Beginning of a return ?

Woh kehte hai na ki ek halki si hawa bhi kabhi phoolon ke barsaat laati hai.
Kaash yeh bhi unh phoolon jaisa hota, naazukh aur pyaari

Still confused as to how to write down my "dil ki bhadass". Let's see kuch na kuch aa hi jaayega. Sometimes it takes the slightest of push to turn something tipsy-turvy. Well, subaah bas ek board dekh li aur gaya mera mood. Ek saffed board jis par uski company ka naam tha. Shayad woh uski company ka cab bhi nahi hoga, lekin kya kare kambhakt dil ko bas ek jhalak hi kaafi hoti hai. Aur ho gayi saari din ki tai tai phus. Na jaane kyun aaj bhi woh chehra aankhon ke saamne yunh hi aa jaata hai. Woh kehte hai na, dil ki lagi sabse zor ki lagti hai. Aaj to rone ka bhi mann kar raha hai aur hasne ka bhi. Yaadon ne to rula diya lekin brain to mazaak udda raha hai ki woh kaise abhi bhi tujhe aise touch kar sakti hai.
Is kashmokash mein to aaj saara din nikal gaya. Na thik se kaam kar paaya aur na thik se hass. Waise rona dohna bandh aur back to recollecting aaj ka din.
So another Monday comes by. Btw, I went to Mom's place this weekend after, I think around, 4~5 months. Ammachi seemed so happy to see her eldest grandson again and Maamu ki Jaan seemed his usual self. Waise, it was fun to travel in the bus from Trivandrum to Adoor. Seemed like the old days were back. Those 3 hours on Sat afternoon, magical moments that leave me wanting for more. Wind in my hair and the shaking of the KSRTC bus while keeping my nose inside some novel. Oh, this time it was JK's book for company. "Immortals of Meluha" by Amish Tripathi. Something based on Shiva, the trilogy is named as "Shiva trilogy". Turning one of the most eccentric Hindu Gods into a man of flesh and blood. Whose deeds led him to transform from an ordinary human to one of the Triune Gods. I may hurt some sentiments here with all this words, but then who cares what you think. This is my place of "F&**@*@&^" expression. Anyways, reached Adoor in like under 2.5 hours and then a bus to Mom's place, Chandanapally. A small walk home, under the moonlight... Sigh. Reached home, Ammachi was alone in the kitchen. Maamu was still at the library with his bunch of friends. Had a small chat with ammachi, then a quick dinner and after that back to Meluha. Sorry, the dinner wasn't quick enough since Bincy "aunty" and Sundar ji had to call up in between. Bincy "aunty" doesn't need to have anything in particular to call me up but Sundar was planning for another movie outing. First show of the "Second Show". Made plans to reach TVM before 6 so as to catch the movie and then back to Meluha(again).
Woke up late on Sunday, as usual, and no going to Church. Ammachi woke me up at 6 in the morning and yet I somehow excused my self from attending the Mass, half-awake. Seems like I argue better hald-awake. ;) Should try it out at office someday. Drooping head in the meeting and slurry speech. Would be one for the record books, or better videos. So back to Sunday, woke up at ~10:30 and straight to kitchen for the tea. Armed with tea and laptop, I walked into the Hall wanting to switch on the TV instead. Thought against it and started watching "It's kinda funny story" on laptop. Got bored and closed lap before switching on to Meluha. Finished up 75% by the time I had to leave for Trivandrum. A quick bath and then the rush to bus stop as usual. Speaking of the bus stop, standing there made me go on a flashback. I used spend my times in the bus-stop fighting with Spoon over SMSes while waiting for the bus to arrive. Thought of SMSing her but then hesitation. Woh kehte hai na, ki kaafi din ho gaye msg behjkar. Agar abhi bheja to kaisi lagegi, wagera wagera. So didn't msg her and spent the time doing nothing. Bus came after 20 mins of wait and then a quick drive to Adoor. Caught the first KSRTC bus to Trivandrum. It was mostly empty and so I sat on the seat opposite to the door. Got back to Meluha after paying for the ticket. Finished it up before reaching Kilimanoor, I think, and then the usual job :  mouth-watching.  In between Sundar called a few times to know where I had reached. Somehow reached the city. Called up Shekhar to transport a packet to Kani as I had to reach Ajanta for the show. After passing the Achar packet to Shekhu at PMG, I called up Sundar who said that there  was only 1 last balcony ticket which he took. Since he wasn't sure if I would reach on time, he didn't take the risk of getting two tickets. So I got down at next stop, near the Govt. Students' Hostel. Walked past the State Central Library and then a circuitous road back home. Dinner, a few chats and then a tight sleep.
Monday morning. Got up pretty early, by my standards, at ~6:45am. Next the daily activities and Run for the cab. Speaking of which, I think the cab seems to be growing smaller with every passing day. As the number of daily "regular" travelers are increasing, the size of cab seems to be decreasing. Anyhow, I managed a seat, thought of bringing out "The Fountainhead" for a quick read but gave up seeing the number of people already present. It seemed a bit of a choc-a-bloc. Reached office, and oh yes, saw Meher's company bus on the way. :P
The first mail I saw was from Arun chettan asking how we missed an important functionality for the last week's release. What a way to start off the perfect day. Anyways, replied the mail and went for breakfast. Wanted to bring back my appetite and so ordered 2 Aloo paranthas. Ate through them while sipping the rich Banglore coffee. Just thinking of it seems to make my tongue salivate. After that, back to office and a few goofing before lunch. Lunch and then back to office. The gloomy mood still stuck made work seem so boring. Thought of leaving early today and working the extra hours the next day. Anyhow, sat through till 6:15pm after which I couldn't bear the melancholy that had descended on me. Speaking of 6:15, it was the time I used to excuse my self for a water break and to watch her leave for the day.. Sigh. Ab to bas aahein barthe raho. A ride back home on JK's bike and dinner at KSRTC. That pretty much sums up for the weekends and today.

This is Jo signing off,


A quick catch-up

Kisi zubaan par yeh reh gayi,
Aap ko khoya to ruh kho gayi,
Lamho ne kuch ishaaaron se kaha,
Dekh aayi phir koi aur teri ruh lekar.

The time for the next post seems to have been shortened, thanx to an idiot's question. It has been almost a month since I reached back from Kolkata. Par kya kare, missing Mom, Dad and bhootni already. How do I tell them that I love them so much ? I can't call up every now and then, or according to some fixed timetable. I ain't that kinda guy, ki aaj Sat hai, chalo Mom ko phone karte hain, ya phir, it's 6 in the morning, oh Mom ko bulaana bhul gaya. Come on, I am kinda lazy to dial a few no.s even. Leaving that aside, I am still caught up in that web of cough and breathlessness. Thanks, but no thanks, to the Kolkata chill. Waise, it was already there by time we were done with QBurst Day celebrations. Spekaing of that, I don't how the hell I got the guts to get up on stage and shake that booty of mine. That too without even a sip of drink. Coming to drinks, last saturday was awesome. Simi got married, Jose came to Trivandrum and I got stoned pretty bad. pretty bad, in the sense that it could be said to be the repeat of "the last see-off" of the former Kani team. Anyways, got a nice scratch around the hips as a remainder. Haahaa, speaking of which, the scar is quite an irritant these days. :P

Back to track, on to a flashback. Zooming back two weeks. Me suffering from the cough and breathing problem. Couldn't eat or drink anything that Saturday. It was kinda Vaalu season for me. Eat, cough and vomit. Nice rhyming, almost makes me do a Y this Kolaveri right now. A mental note, need to parody the Kolaveri to something more adultish. Focus, machu focus. So had to go to Jubilee hospital for the "dava daaru". Makes me remember the MTV ad in which they search for actors. One of the lines was "Isse dava ki nahi, dua ki zaroorat hai". Can't help smiling at those faces, waah I still remember. Sabaash bacche, kaash yeh yaddaash exams ke time par bhi hoti. :P Anyways, got a blood checkup done. Forgot the most important thing. We, me, Achar and Sundar, went to the hospital at 10 in the night. "10 in the night". Mast time for move around in the city. Sunsaan raaste, akele kuch ladke aur beech mein aaye ek awaaz. "Allah ke naam par kuch de de baba". Just kidding, nothing of that sort happended sadly. Got to the hospital, me having the cough attack at regular intervals and they making fun of the "TB paitient". Saw the doc, she ordered a blood test first and then a small initial checkup. Well, speaking of the blood test, I was the guinea pig for the night. There was this new nurse for the shift. She actually tried piercing one of my smaller veins or was it an artery for drawing blood. Well, it had to be the vein otherwise, I would have bleed a bit more than usual. Anyhow, another sister had to come up to take the blood and the results would have been generated only after an hour or so. So we made our way out of the hospital for a cup of coffee and something to eat. Ash and Sundar had some food, while I had my first taste of black tea, or was it not. Don't remember if what we used to have from the Arabic restaurent at 7th floor was tea or coffee. Moving foward, the results came and I was prescribed a bit of medicines. The cost of which was around 350~400 bucks, my hard earned money down the medicinal drain. :((. And yes, the drip. I had the first drip of my life. The hanging bottle of liquid and those white clean ceilings, waah what a way to spend time in the hospital. Waise, the drip took around 2 hours to complete. Raat ke 1 baje, before I could move back home. So ends the flash-back.

Back to present and the Republic day. Speaking of Republic Day, last time it was a pseudo-patriotic post from my side. This time not even a mention of patriotism. Waah, kya baat hai. Anyways, got up late as usual and had a late, real late brunch. Lots of chatting on YMessenger and then the rush to catch the movie. Sundar was here in the morning. Dude came over to study but alas, my place is/was such a mess that he left after some time. Had a small chit-chat and some plans for a movie. I wasn't excepting that the dude would actually go for it. Anyways, scrolling to evening, got a call from Sundar saying he was going for the movie. How could I refuse the dude, he's been my steady movie partner since I landed back for the "Job" in Trivandrum. Next call from him was saying that he was at the theater and that the tickets would be easily available. I should smelt something amiss right then. But kya kare, I don't follow my intuition any longer these days. A small break. Just checked mail and it seems the Buzzbuzz guys have pulled off something great again. Saw a Kudos which seems just the thing for them.

Now back to my schedule :P. The movie was Lal-e-ton's Cassanova. Well, I made it just in time before the movie started. 6pm and I was still at PMG. 6:15, there I was right beside Sundar waiting for the movie to begin. Must have been my lucky-or was it unlucky- streak. Anyways, Lalettan looks lot younger, thanx to all that makeup. The funny thing was that, when He and Shreya stood together, it didn't seem like Appoopan and Kochumol. ;). Anyways, the movie is masala entertainer, not some solid script movie. You can enjoy the songs, the chase sequences, even the funny dance by Mr. Ton at the disco. After the movie, it was the long walk back to home. Right beside the flyover and thru Bakery junction. Speaking of which, this was supposed to be the Thank-You post. Bcoz each thing that I felt while walking was like a thank-you to the One above, to my parents and last, but not the least, to all mu pain-in-the-ass friends. Maybe I should wind up this post now since it is already more than a page long. :P

This is Jo signing off for now,
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