Weekends - Nth time

The weekend is almost over and the month of July has begun. Friday is the usual fare, go to office late, get out early for a first day, first show movie else work late till it's time to close the shutters. :D This weekend, it was time for a movie. Saw Ustad Hotel and must say it was worth watching it after buying the tickets in black. bought 55 ticket for 75 and still felt good at the end of it. Nothing moves me like food, love and acts of kindness and this movie has it all. Was actually hoping to catch it again tonite, but alas, seems like I was to write down this post instead of watching the film. Anyways, I had never expected Dulqur, or is it Dulqar, never mind, to be this restrained. This is his 2nd film, I haven't yet seen Second Show, will download hopefully or get it from somewhere. Anyways, he's got talent and the guy's got the looks too. I am hoping to get a beard like his sometime soon. But not until the end of August hopefully as, for the last and final time, I am growing my hair for a ponytail and this time, taunts can go to hell.. :P
Back to the post, ya the movie is a must watch for all. That was Friday evening. Mukesh dropped me at GPO after the movie and then the walk back home. For those who still are unware, I had a house shifting from Kani to Statue. Currently, got a place as a PG. The food is simply awesome and the room is quite nice. Hopefully should upload photos once I am able to clean it up. :P Anyways, came back, had a dinner and went to sleep after a small session on the Messenger. I was hoping to roll that night on MW, but was too tired and sleepy to drive properly. Why risk a 2nd place with Sharmaji when I could catch up some other day. Speaking of Sharmaji, installed a new software called GameRanger, let's you play online multiplayer games for the cracked ones too. Seems okay till now as the sessions were fine when I initially tested it with Sharmaji. So, it's back to MW after quite a long time and my fingers are still rusty at the controls. Need to practise A LOT before I can take on the new, improved version of Sharmaji. :P Anyhow, zooming back to Saturday, got up late as usual, 10:30 I think. I was woken up by persistant knocks on my door, as the breakfast was ready. Even then, caught a few more minutes of sleep before I had breakfast. Got ready to for travelling to Mom's place. Ammachi's been keeping a bit sick over these days. Hopefully, it isn't that serious. Seems like I may have to go to church for lighting a few candles for her sake. Anyways, given the lazy me and the general apathy towards religious duty, that isn't gonna happen any time soon. So by the time I was ready to leave, it was already 1:30 I think. 1:30, for someone who had breakfast by 11:30.. Pretty damn slow these days. Luck has its own way, for Mukesh was around, he was on his way to a friend's office. The guy's a gem and he dropped me till Ayurveda college after warning that it would be impossible to got towards PMG as there was some trouble near Statue. Anyways, crossed over and walked till Thampanoor bus stand. God knows how long it has been since I last caught a bus from there for going home. Thankfully, no more waiting at PMG for catching the bus. Ouch, that hurts.. Those blaady memories.. Ya, another thing, I am hoping to let go the past strings and let the future surprise me. No more bringing up the past. I have made peace with it and that should be the last of it.
Anyways, journey home was a bliss. Got a seat soon enough and even had quite a good time reading thru Narnia stories. One thing about bus travel is that, no matter if I sit or stand, I feel damn sleepy when I get into one. No matter how much I may have slept before that moment. Speaking of which, just had a yawn. Time to go to sleep, but first let's finish this up and watch a few videos from FB. ;) Speaking of travel, it felt really good to be on the bus again, felt younger, without care and the wind in the hair. Have to plan some trips to places. This is gotta be the adrenaline shots that I have been craving for some time now. To cut the long story short, felt real good to travel and had to spend some time sleeping on the front steps of the house too. Ammachi was out for a Kudumbaprathana and I wasn't keen on going to my uncle's place. So used the bag as a pillow and slept there for an hour so. Made me remember my childhood, when mom used to sit there and I kept my head on her lap. Alas, if I ask her to sit like that now, she's gonna pinch off some skin so that the idea doesn't strke me again. :P So, waited, rather slept there till Ammachi came back. After she came, there was vada in her hand. Just like my sweet "Muthuki thalla", to bring back something for me to eat. Had the vada while she prepared lunch for me at 6:30 in the evening. :D. Had lunch, a bit of chit chat after which I fell asleep reading thru Narnia on my mob. Woke up at 9:30 for dinner, that too because ammachi had started to pinch me after calling my name for some time. Had dinner and then a quick sleep. In between, one of the Idiots msged asking me the full-form of KFC, something from one of my FB posts. Come Sunday, got up late again, didn't go to church and washed my clothes instead. In between watched Charlie's Angels, The Golden Compass, Bad Boys, The Core and one more from the morning till I left for Trivandrum. Reached Trivandrum by 8, caught rain in between the journey and then back to home. Made my way to Sundar's place. It was his perunal toaday, birthday according to Malayalam calendar, for those who don't know. Had some payasam and then made a dash for Kripa. Couldn't get two tickets as the queue was too long. Somehow Sundar managed a ticket while I had to walk back alone. Anyways, all's well that ends well. Got time to write this, now that's worth a movie. :D Atleast, something for you people to read.. ;)
This is Jo signing off,


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