Down the crap Lane

Huh, is this what I signed up for when I relocated to Ernakulam ? Don't think so, but one thing's for sure. Frustration seems to be creeping in somehow. Can't place my finger on the exact cause, but yes, it's coming on real fast. Can feel it with my mood changes, with those eccentric out of blue thoughts on modesty, feeling lost, aimless and what not.

Crap, this post is gonna suck big time. Never thought my comeback post would be so full of shit. Was hoping for a small short story or atleast one filled with gratefulness to one of my fellow beings. Something that would scatter a bit of positive thoughts into this bleak consumerist world that we are a part of. Not saying all are, but yes, to certain extent, it is.

BTW, my new fav singer seems to Ayushmaan, Dude's got a nice voice, along with the lyrics. Can't get enough of Nautenki Saala. Anyways, time to cut this crap post short and head back to coding. You see, I'm still in office. ;)

This is Jo signing off,
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