A silent admiration

The sudden flash of lightening, that Eureka feeling. I don't know how to put this across. Let's try the to-the-point style. The one girl, I thought, I would never come to admire, the one who will never gain respect in my heart. Ha, the fallacies of the human nature. How time erodes those barriers, something that I now know first hand. I haven't been in touch, frankly I have rarely spoken to her or gazed upon those eyes. Her eyes, they seem so alive with passion to fight, the arrogance of having lived twice and sparkling with the fervour of living the moment. I could never let her know that she's finally won my admiration. Her spirit, her beauty and well, even her stubborness. Reminds me of my dear sis. But this is like the goddess who's to be worshipped, never loved. For you can have foolish hopes that she would return the favour. For such kindness is rare, even more thanx to the fact, that she's already bound to someone else.
Well, what do I call this feeling then ? Something short of worshipping, but higher than just admiration. Something that I can never express in open but something that cannot be contained within. It's the sort of  feeling one gets when you see something as simple as a floating cloud beneath your feet or that first bud of rose on a stem. Something so vunerable, yet so strong. Well, it looks like I am almost on my knees singing paeans of her praise. Hell ya, it is kinda praise, for beauty worth feeling about is worth writing about.
I'm kinda gonna keep those eyes nearby, for the hope that it would drag me out of any misery that I drown into so often. This isn't f*&$%# love. It's this feel of silent admiration of a mystery that revolves around those eyes, that spirited being of a human. All that I can do for now is perhaps a symbolic tipping of the hat before her. This said and written will never be discussed again because it would be sacrilege to this silent admiration. Aah, those eyes.. :D
This is Jo signing off for now,


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