Back to Square 1

The old times are back. Back at Kanimangalam with only half my old roomies. Now that Kani has been passed to our juniors, it feels a bit out of touch to be here. The feeling's there but yet something isn't same. Time has flowed so fast that i can't remember how these 5 years have gone by. Now it's time for me to jump into the rat race. Job hunting is the reason why i'm back here. yet nothing has been finalized. Sleeping my days for now.

This sense of desperation that's hanging around is gonna take hold soon. So before that happens, I gotta get my pants up and start running around. What else to write, oh yes, got a new mobile, Nokia 2600c from my cousin. As a gift for, I think, finally completing the B.Tech course. The mobile seems gr8 for now. Haven't tinkered around much with it. But the experiments will soon begin... Let's hope it gets thru.

Much of my thoughts, these days, seem to center on the last 2 yrs of B.Tech, no offense to the others. Feeling sad and yet relieved at the same time. Got some things left to do at college.

Another thing, this Friday, I went to college with Jasim. He had to get Sherry's course completion certificate. The sight there was unbelievable. A fight had just taken place. Some of the juniors had been playing truant for the past few months. So the seniors and their batchmates got togather to teach them a lesson. And what a lesson it was. A well planned, throughly executed stuff, like those done by kings... Took out the ones to be taught and showered them with kicks and beatings. "Ghosts of kicks don't understand words" as Javed Jaffery would say. Anyways, seems that they have finally learnt their lesson. If not, we could be seeing repeat telecasts of the incidents soon. All this excitement had to happen after we had left :(..

That's all for now...
Signing off.....


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