Had our 2nd series exam for Crypto. A small exam , 50 marks and 1&1/2 hr. It was relatively easy for me considering only 3 chapters. Got up early morning at 4:30, had tea from the Depot. Came back and sat till 6, or was it slept till 6 , I don't exactly remember. Anyways, got ready by 9:15, went to breakfast with Jazz. Then straight to Arathy Teacher. She was in canteen discussing with the rest of the gang.Sat with them till 10 and gained a few titbits of info, more than enough by my standard. Frankly speaking, that got me through today.

Sat for the exam with my batch, 2nd half of the class. Wrote damn fast as possible, I hate exam halls more than anything else. Came out and straight to canteen. There was Binu sitting , having breakfast. There was a junoir from S6 mec too. The rest of his class had gone tour. Speaking of tour, half the college is on IV. The juniors are having a tough time in making HOD relent for their tour. The guy's playing double games, saying yes yes to the guys and no no in front of Princi.

Anyways, the result was out by the evening. I had got 37.5 out of 100 in the 1st series. This time, it was reduced to 36. Out of 50. Got an FSF seminar going on at Amritha School of engg. I may go with Jazz, Sanoop and Ajay. So Adios for now.

Before I sign off, today was Laxmi's birthday. Got a lot chocolates from her.


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