Vagueness surrounds me,
An empty soul stirs within,
Clouds of despair flow beside,
No shelter from streams of misery.

Time seems to stop for now,
No hope shows it's presence,
Held aloft in hands of pain,
My heart tears apart in vain.

Mind remains unsteady,
Calmness so fleeting,
Nothing stirs from within,
Yet hope remains for now.

Bonds form before me,
Some old, some new,
Fresh vigour into the minds,
Brimming with youth for all.

Lighten thy soul from misery,
Let the joy of others radiate on thine,
For life isn't about you,
Rather feeling the love that surrounds us all...

A small poem that formed itself out of the despair that I gathered today. As for me, my mood changes faster than the english weather. From desp to bright in a few lines of rhyme.


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