Long Time

It has quite a long time since I last entered a blog entry. Yesterday it was time for the Holi celebrations in our class. The series had just got over last Friday. I'm totally in the dumps this season. Don't whether I would get above 40 in any paper this time. That's the state with me. Anyways, got up early as usual but college's gotta wait till atleast 10. The Idduki guys have come over, only a few this time, for the wrapping up of their projects. They reached late night, around 2 in the night, and some today morning.

Moving on to me.... Had breakfast, before bath, with Ash and Hisham, Ash's friend. Jazz turned up after us at the canteen. After finishing, he left for college while we came back home. I got ready and Binu was there for company. Took an extra t-shirt for the occasion. My SCHOOL T-SHIRT. Best beginning for the day. Got my E-Sec papers 1st thing as I enter the class. Great marks considering that I didn't look at the book properly. Had the usual round of Kathi with the guys. Made fun of the girls and trips to the canteen.

Soon it was time for lunch. Me, Jazz and Sheik went to our usual spot , Marakada. Had lunch but just one serving of rice. The excitement had killed my appetite for the moment. By the time we reached class, the celebrations had started. The guys were all multicolored in no time. I changed my T-Shirt and got into the festivities. Had my face and clothes colored in no time. Special treatment for the late-comers. Anyhow after rubbing colors on most of each others' faces, we went for a round of the college. Show of strength/ stuff. March through the main thoroughfare with "slogans and kuvals". Made our way through the entire college and back to the class. The Mech crackers were cracking crackers for some match they won. Mostly our paths intertwined leading to extended bouts of "kuvals" and crackers.

Seriously, I never had so much fun in holi. Ya, there used to be the usual color throwing and balloon bursting back at home but not with this much fevour. After the celebrations were over , around 2:00 pm, we washed ourselves off. Then for another dose of Crypto and EN, bored to the skin in 2 hrs. Anyhow, we managed to sit thru and then made our way to canteen for the customary tea and snacks. Had the break in between the two classes, so it was a quick one. After Crypto was over, we sat on the corridor. Mostly the Kani and NUS guys. You see bird watching is a major hobby for us all. Saw most junior girls pass and then made our way back to Kani.

Surprise was awaiting us in the evening. We had dinner, for change, from the Hotel Mass. Chicken curry and parathas... Stomach filled and purses a bit too light. In between Thampi called to know whether any "drinks" were needed. We didn't have the slightest inclination why thampi was doing so. We had dinner, came back and were waiting for the bottles to land. There were bottles for everyone, "Bar-ley" water, Slice and Coke. I had Slice and some Coke. Ash, Binu and Thampi had the rest of the stuff. Sanoop, S8 Mec, was with us for the evening. After sometime, I left with Shakav for KP's office. Unlimited browsing attracts me like none other. Came over here after visiting Sheik's lodge, another development. Sheik had moved out of Kani to improve his marks. Pressure from home. Anyways, reached hear by 10-30 and browsing till now. Thought of writing an entry and so this happened.

Adios for now. The snaps for the day will be shortly uploaded to my Orkut account.


Hari said...

Great to see you back..

Amazing narration! :-) Way too good!!

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