1st half over!!!! 19/12/08

It's time for jolly times since christmas is here. Yesterday was quite a day for a change. Had my 3rd sem papers to finish. Short looks at the text and some "thunds" for help. I was hoping for a "good" not gr8 exam. So me and Ash were getting ready for a ,maybe final, tryst with LSD. Sat through the whole night, i.e till 10 o'clock looking at various questions, solving some and mostly katthi.

Got up real late next morning, i.e yesterday around 9:30, that too for a 2 'o'clock exam. Had brkfst and sat down for the final touches to the brain library. Time flew and b4 we knew, it was time 4 exam. Got to College, checked our hall and sat thinking how fast this would end. The papers were given out and we fell on it, furiously scribbling on the answer script. Suprise was awaiting us. There was visit by "THE SQUAD". So all of us who had chits were advised to throw them away. After a few minutes of hustling, all the stuff was gone, or was it, and the hall was quite again.

The Squad came and started checking. Bad luck fell on a friend of mine, who was caught cheating. He/she had scribbled some diagrams and notes on the back of the Hall ticket. What happened to her is still a mystery. Anyways, we continued the exam somehow. I was starting to feel bored. So started writing at express speed and got out by 2&1/2 hrs. Then the wait for Ash to get out.

Next I went up to our IT Lab premises for hot news. BTW, we had to submit our project report that day itself. That was handled mostly by Jazz for my team. U see only two of us for the team now, Me and Jazz. Helped him a bit with the report, not much since LSD was breathing down my neck. Anyhow, he managed to keep the report by the end of the day on Josna Ma'm's desk. So that ended well or was it since HOD had not yet verified it.

Came back home with Ash, Sheik(Abhishek) and Binu. Had tea on the way. Had some sleep and some kathi with the guys. Bibin was back in town, came yesterday night. Idduki guys got a house for the month. So we planned to go there after dinner. Soon it was loadshedding, so we got out for dinner. Had dinner and then Me & shakav went searching for topup card. Empty handed, we had to return. Next on the itinerary was going for NUS Carol party.

Jazz, Ash and Binu came down from Kani while Me & Shakav were waiting on the "Perfect" lane. They came and Shakav left for Kani while the rest moved to the College back, where we caught up with the Carol party. Then it was pure fun for the next hour or so. We were all dancing, singing and clapping to heart's content. Went to many homes and sang Christmas Rhymes. There was X'Mas Pappa for the kids too. On the way, Thampi joined us and soon we reached Neethu's house. There we sang, rested for a few minutes, had water and we left again after wishing them MERRY CHRISTMAS. On the way, we stopped by several houses and sang songs. Soon Jazz was feeling weak at legs and so we left for home after wishing the carol party goodbye.

On the way back, we got down at the "idduki" hostel. There Ash was present, as he and Binu had left early. After a few hours of fun, we left for Kani loaded with movies( 120 GB harddisk). Thomson was ready to leave for home and Binu for NUS. So they goodbbyed and left. Then after going thru the harddisk, I fell asleep.

There ends the 1st half of exam season, with intermission for the Christmas vacations.


vivek said...

keeo it up mate

Hari said...

Way to go, bro!!

Awesome language... Great work. Compulsive reading, indeed!! :)

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