Adrenaline Min 14/12/08

Night surfing till 3 in the morning leads to headache in the morning. I learn this the hard way. Got up at 10, freshened up and had breakfast at 11. Came back and checked out the new laptop in our possesion. Got friends of Achar(Asharaf) dropping in on us. Came over yesterday night from idduki. They have their main projects to complete. Can't believe how deep these guys are. Hats off to their friendship. Anyways, While checking out the lap, found new s/w and "muvies". After that,a long session of "Most Wanted" & "2 Thrones". Went out for lunch and then some time for house hunting for the guys. There's a huge batch of guys and gurls coming over soon. After coming back, another long session of "2 Thrones". Then time for Tea. "No Studies" for 2morow's CN and MC papers.
Next in line was Movie time. By the time we came back, Shakav(Bibin) was back from his tution for TTA. Cracked a few jokes and a jolly time after which we started the movie. A Mallu one (boring to say the least). Time flew and before we knew it was 9. Then out for dinner to Bakery. Mother's Kitchen, my favourite haunt back in PP days. Had a new combo for a change. Iddiappam and Beef Chilly. Bought Parcel for thambi.

Now for the reason why I wanted to blog. On the way back, we, Me and Jazz ( the twins), caught up a race b/w General Hospital and Kunnukuzhy. There was a Uncle, around 35-40 maybe, on a CT 100. He was in a hurry to get home, or was it. So he was accelerating like hell. Jazz wasn't gonna let go and so he too pushed the throttle. We carried on till NUS, by that time, the 150cc showed its muscle power. We were ahead by a small margin. By the turn to Kunnukuzhy, uncle got in front. He thought we'r going straight, so he says Good Nite b4 firing on after turning. We, especially me, were suprised at that gesture. Anyway, we turned too behind him. Yet he wasn't gonna let go of his lead. So we followed him, thinking he was gonna go till police quaters, i.e a race to the end. But alas, he turned far earlier and we were left wanting. Then to home, sweet home.

When we reached there, Bibin was waiting for Jazz to drop him to Station. The guy stays over for the weekend and then leaves for home. Anyways, he left for thrissur and I came upstairs. There another round of Most Wanted was waiting for me. But b4 that, I had to pen this one down. This wasn't supposed to happen till 12 in the night. In the meantime, since Sherry's lap was also here we sat down for a session of our old "Prison Break" series.

Time flew and b4 I know, it's time for sleep. So finally a piece of mind is out and now for sweet sleep.
ASta la Vista Baby....


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