Touch Up

Had nothing better to do for now. So thought of touching up my blog. Searched around for templates, edited a few ones, mixed and mashed up the rest.
The final result lies before thy eyes. Before you tread my path, be sure to backup the old template in case something goes wrong. In mine, it did a thousand times and over, just kidding. But yes , had to redo it all more than once.

Finally that B.Tech classes are "OFFICIALLY" over, time's come for the last few stuffs to be done. Had record submission today, extended once again, courtesy God know who. The model exam starts in 2 days. Retests are left for the 2nd series. Anyways, enjoying to the hilt these days. Mood changes still remain and are erratic as before, but light's shining bright at the other end.

Long list of exams remain. Backs and regulars, God knows when i'm gonna complete these. Starts @ 22/5 all the way till 8/7, Roughly 2 months of study and tension. No way, at the most a few days before the exam, maybe...

Anyways, looking forward to the end of the B.Tech era and the first steps into the Big Bad World.


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