The time is finally here for me to say GudBye. Sadly, I gotta leave this place officially. Feeling desp, after these 5 yrs in GECBH. Still remember the 1st day to college. Got up damn early, around 6:30, by ma standards. Ready by 7:30, i think. That too for class that was supposed to start at 9. Was feeling real hyper that day, a new place, a new beginning and new friends. Had food from hostel, my dear OCSC Hostel. Came to college with the rest of Bartonites, walking. The 1st person i met was Anil PR, the gr8 bhujji, genius by work. Chatted with him and then the rest of our classmates all the while waiting near the Bike Stand.

That was the beginning of a wonderful journey, filled with memories. Bloody hell, my eyes are welling up, just thinking of those days. Two batches, lots of supplies, gr8 friends and sweet memories. This is what remains when I step out of GECB.

No idea on what to do next. Thinking on lines of gaining some exp till I clear my supplies. But for now, it's time to unwind. So moving off to Cal, leaving on 12th evening. Abt 12th, got a marriage function in the morning. Hoping see most of my mates there. A final farewell, i hope...

Adios for now, don't know whether I'm gonna be able to post any time soon !!


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