Re-Union of sorts

Creativity jumps at you from the wrong places. Long time since I last blogged and it seems pretty tiresome to blog after a hard day at work. So here at the beginning of this new week, I'm back to blog. Recalling stuffs hasn't been my forte and so this may seem like an abridged version of events. Last week, I had a small trip to Kannur. How to classify the trip would be a near to impossible thing, as it was almost a re-union, a marriage visit, an excursion, a sleepover and what not. So begins this account of my latest foray to the Malabar side.

We had this trip planned a long time back, mostly banking on the fact that Monday,the actual marriage day, would be a holiday for most of us. Yet as the date came close, most of us couldn't get our leave sorted out. So it forced us to pre-pone the trip by a day or two. Friday night was settled as a beginning of the journey. As usual, I was late to reach the station and thanx to Jazz, the guy's a gem in case of trouble, I reached just in time. Ghosh was already there in the train waiting for me. The fact of the situation was that only two of us were making the trip that day, or literally night. Anyways after a fairly uneventful journey, we reached Kozhikode in the morning, late by an hour or so. There was an intended meeting of the Infy girls and us at Kozhikode at 6 in the morning, Saturday. But thanks to great Indian Snake that didn't happen. So we went straight to Thampi's house. BTW, we had some friends of Ghosh to guide us the way, friends he made on the train. So we reached Thampi's dwelling but not before a long walk thanx to our eagerness to get down before the actual stop.

A break in the real world, went to make coffee to stay up long. It's around 1:30 in morning.

Anyways, after a morning jog and a freshning up at Thumps' place, we left for Kozhikode stand, the meeting place. We met Lekshmi, our bhujji, who's currently in NIT,Calicut doing her Master's. Makes me think on Vaarnum Aayirum every time I think of girls doing Master's away from home. Coming back to point, she wasn't gonna come with us 'coz some report stuff had come up. So we six, Thampi, Ghosh, Me, Prinku, Manjaly and Spoon, made our way to Kannur. We took the bus, instead of the train, for that section of journey. Experience is the greatest teacher and so we now know that train is the best way to Kannur. Anyways, having journeyed continuously for 4&1/2 hours, we reached Payyanur. From there, Soumya, the would-be bride, picked us up. Got a small treat from her for being so late. We promised to be there by 1 and we landed there around 4, i think. We ordered drinks for all, strictly non-alcoholic :). After that, straight to her home. It would be better to say we swam through currents, fought the tempest, vanquished the fire and rode through deserts to make it to our fountain of youth. Finally we reach her place. What a place that was, mind-blowing. Pure heaven on earth, I'm exaggerating but close. It was lush greenery around, a few miles and you could step into Karnataka and a jog the other way would take you to Kasargod. Kidding guys, but far from the hustle-bustle of city, this was like heaven. The place was teeming with life. People all round, getting ready for an important day that was soon to be on them. Got a warm welcome there, made us forget how tired we were and then the gift session. I seem to be in a hurry to finish this account, and why not, given that I have been sitting with this for the last 2 hours. We had a great lunch at 4:30 in evening, fried rice and Kerala Chicken curry, made me look a steam-engine with smoke through my eyes and ears :). It was simply too good to be true, the people, the food and the atmosphere. Makes me yearn for another trip back.

Next on cards was our trip to the fields and the streams nearby. Thanks to Ghosh's curiosity, we, atleast some of us, got a first-hand experience of pisi-therapy. Some photo-session and then back to Soumya's place. From there, a straight journey to Kozhikode via Payyanur. Reached there late @ 10pm. Got a treat from Prinku as it was her birthday. Then after some shopping, the girls made it Prinku's home for the night. They had to catch the 1am bus to Mysore. After goodbying then, we left for Thampi's place. A good night sleep after a heavy-duty dinner.

The next day, we reached Kozhikode station for return. So we got tickets for Mangalore express which was supposed to reach there by 10:25. But then when does Indian Railway come on time. So it was supposed arrive at 12:10, with plenty of time left we planned to visit famed Kozhikode beach. Called Prinku too for company. Had a jolly good time. Then a palmistry session for Ghosh and Thampi. After that we came back to station. But then, the train was late by another hour. So we sat at the station till 1 in the afternoon. Finally the train pulled in and after waving Prinku goodbye, we left for Trivandrum.

As if the train wasn't late already, there were stops almost every half an hour to allow other trains to pass. By the time we reached TVM, we were dead tired and ready to fall asleep. In between, Ghosh discovered the joy sitting on the foot-board of the train. It was a glorious sight to behold, sitting with ur chums, looking into the setting sun and passing greens. It was almost 12 when we finally landed in TVM. From there to Kanimangalam and heavenly bliss in form sleep.

That's it for now, almost 3:45 in morning..
Signing off for now,


Priyanka said...

Hey came to read dis blog only today...it was a wonderful day for me..thank u guys for making it so special..memorable bday!!!:)
And I still doubt it was Karnataka not Kerala..dats y by damn bsnl dint catch network..hehe....:D

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