Token of a tear-drop

Something that came out yesterday without any particular rhyme or reason:

A thousand words flow thru my mind now,
Some of them good, other worser than anything.
All these pent up feelings will have to come out,
Praying that it doesn't blow at the wrong time.

I haven't heard my thoughts clearly for long,
My desires, buried behind a cloak of sociality,
Never thought a wound of heart would hurt so much,
Far easier to bear those on the skin.

My sight turns to her without rhyme,
Like a sunflower that follows the sun.
Distances would deepen the chasm between,
How foolish of me to think so.

Love pains the heart,
But the thoughts of her make them bearable.
Thinking of this as infatuation,
Is like equating a torrent to a drizzle.

The bounds that hold me are weaking,
Yet I fear the faltering.
Feeding my ego as a safeguard,
Yet the sight of her bring it down to her knees.

This pain inside me is maddening,
The misery so sickening,
The mere sight of her gives me weak knees,
I want to forget, i want to smile.

Not the hollow smile that I have these days,
But a heart-felt laugh at my self.
Words show me the way out,
The heart does not want to hear.

Stuck in this prison of self-captivity,
I can't let go of her thoughts.
It hurts, it falls,
My eyes well up, yet tears are not seen.


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