Travails in KelaLand

Hiya guys,
Over the last few months, it's been kinda hectic in one sense and yet bland to some extent. So there wasn't much to blog about. But then, no use keeping a blog if there aren't any posts :).. This post is actually a short story, maybe a wee- bit long, that I made up yesterday.

Welcome to KelaLand, the land of bananas and monkeys. This is one of the most happening cities in the jungle of Keberia. Even though KelaLand has gone thru quite some turmoil, it still is a peaceful place where monkeys eat their bananas without fear. However over the years, a few greedy monkeys became dominant and they established a so-called "democratic" style of government. But at present, there are so many factions in the government that the monkeys have started to play "Group-Group".So there are quite a few groups like Achutma group, with a banana peeler as their symbol, and the Chandima group with their long fingered bony hand symbol. Presently, Achutma group is in control due their superiority in howling and Chandima group's incompetence.

This is the present situation of KelaLand's governance. But this story isn't about them, it's about a fiasco that has left the inhabitants of KelaLand standing with "tails in their hands". This is happened a few months ago and they are still waiting for the report. KelaLand, as some of you may know, is currently in state of rapid development and growth. So the Achutma group were trying their level best to showcase that. Incidentally, one of the group leader monkey went on to say that they would provide a "high-class" roadway to the common monkey for travel purpose. The monkey, I think he was mentally imbalanced due to a recent fall, made promises that the road would be done within a week. The common monkeys were overjoyed at the thought of enjoying a good travel. Soon the week passed and there was no sign of the so-called "high-class" pathway of commerce. There was however, some signs of progress such as cleaning the sides of the pathway and eviction of monkeys who used to stay on those trees. The week after, however the pathway was filled with branches and travel became impossible. In short, the current state of the "high-class" roadway is deplorable. So the common monkeys went to a PI(Private Investigator) to find out the reasons.

The PI was a cunning fellow who with his "detective"giri found out the reasons in a jiffy. These reasons, however are still classified and top-secret to the common monkeys. This is how the report goes,
On the day of announcement by the ROAD (Road Operations And Development) monkey, he had a fight with his wife. The wife had yelled so much at him that his ear-drums were knocked out. On top of that was the nagging about him being a "good-for-nothing" bugger. There were even taunts of asking him to go drown himself in a pail of water. Seething with anger, the ROAD monkey went over to the nearest bar and had a few "extra-large" pegs of Vodka. On way back to his office after this boozing binge, he slipped and banged his head on a coconut tree. All the coconuts fell one after the other on his already reeling head. A few stars and a small blackout, our poor monkey was up again. But his way of walking wasn't ready yet and so like a whirlwind, our poor monkey went round and round in spirals. In the course of this dramatic journey, he came across "many" bumps over which he stumbled and fumbled onto his office. The "many" bumps in reality was just 2-3 bumps which, due the circular motion of our monkey's movement, was encountered again and again. He got a light-bulb as how to impress his wife. So in his state of delirium, he made the announcement that road would be made "high-class".
The next day, the poor ROAD monkey came to his senses and noticed the "many" bumps that he saw yesterday. But due to pride and honor, he wanted to do a grand job. So he ordered his staff to start expanding the roadway too. They dutifully carried out his orders until one fine day, the wife, with regret over her outburst, patched up with the ROAD monkey. Happy at having regained his wife's love, he ordered all work to stop.

The branches mystery is as follows:
The Chandima group had seen how the ROAD monkey was trying to make a "high-class" roadway but they couldn't just let that happen. So they conspired with Hyenas to create obstructions to the development. All the trees that had been cleared as a part of the road widening exercise were dragged back onto the roadway. The Chandima group had not been aware that the work had stopped for almost a week. So what happened was that, the "high-class" roadway became a "low-class" roadway which is unusable at present.

This document is still in the hands of the P.I. who's waiting for either groups to come and strike a deal with him.

PS : This is a fictional recreation with no resemblance to the MC Road fiasco near the Nalanchira stretch. All characters are figments of the author's imagination and bear no resemblance to any living and/or dead monkey politicians of Kerala


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