A late Diwali gift

Hiya peeps,
A chinna break from blogging, thanx to my laziness and tensions around ;)... Anyhow, now that I'm back to business, let me just jot down today's experiences. First of all, a million thanks to Karthik and Anooj for today's gift. We, guys/gals @ QBurst, have started a small social initiative called "It's My Duty". Just a small way to fulfil atleast some of our social responsibilties. Just to quote from the group's motto..
'Itsmyduty' is an initiative which is being launched by QBurst employees. The aim of 'ItsmyDuty' is to extend some help to the under-privileged people around us. This is not an NGO or any charitable trust. This is a group of young professionals, who wish to give something back to the society in the most simple and possible way.
Today was it's first Day of Action. Literally, that would be false as we have been going over this again and again for the last few weeks. Leaving that aside, the plan for today was to help out the folks @ Care Home(http://bit.ly/amM2Pv). Yesterday, a few of us went over there for the initial preparation of how we would be helping out. Reaching there, we came to know that most of the inmates get clothes and medicines on regular basis from social groups. They did tell us that some Infy people used to provide medicines and food on a regular basis. So for the time being, only thing that would have helped was a thook-paathram, a small can with cover. These people used to take plastic mugs to get tea. Imagine, you or me drinking tea from a plastic mug ? That's what those people live through at times.
Anyhow, so Anooj and Karthik went back and got those cans yesterday night itself. Well, I come into play only today. We had already planned to come here on Saturday and so early morning, I called up Matt, our own Mathew the Polapist, from my project team. He gave me the directions to the place. We were all supposed to reach there in between 10-10:30, but then how can anyone be on time. So by the time the whole team had assembled, it was past 11:30. In between, we had those cans wiped up and filled it with some sweets. Next in line was giving it to the folks @ Care Home. There are around 100 members there. A few of them were out when we reached. So we gathered up the cans and made our way to the main hall. The place seemed so out of life, all dark and deary. But the location is too good, away from the hustle-bustle of the city with only the occasional airplane landing and taking-off. So they, the people of Care Home, were all gathered and waiting for us. And we were waiting for a few more team members to arrive. After a few minutes, we decided against keeping the old folks from waiting. We all went in and there was a small prayer by one of the inmates. After that, they prayed for us too, thanking us for the initiative. Well frankly speaking, that just made the day for most of us. To receive blessings from elderly persons is one of the greatest gifts. Then we started distributing the cans among them, first among those present in the hall and then to those who couldn't get up and come there. Going through all those rooms was disturbing, to say the least. People with no hope left, bitter from the experience that the world has handed out to them.
In the words of Anoop Nair, "Ivarde makkale onnu kittiyirengil"...
So after spending roughly an hour with them, we all left for our respective homes. And here lies the synopsis of today ;)

An update to the post:
Here's the link for the snaps that we took on that day ;)

This is Jo signing off,
Adios for now


ViVeK ViJaYaN said...

nice job done rajappo.........proud of u for d 1st time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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