A post of a post

Countless drafts on my mobile, a few hundred scribbles on the laptop and tens of movies. Finally, I think, a post that would see light,i.e. night light. Weekends have always been happening for the last few months. A trip for a marriage, a late night movie with myself, walking the streets of Trivandrum at 1:30 in the night. A few furious hours of "creative" coding, finishing off the 4th season of Dexter, trying and trying again to turn over a new leaf, and the list goes on and on and on... Oh ya, forgot a wee bit thing, donated blood after a almost a year. FYI, I'm A- and available for donation, as for now out of action till 7/09/13.

Coming back to the catalyst for the post, I watched ABCD today. No, it is not the Hindi one. This one's pure mallu even thought the title may mislead. It's American Born Confused Desi, with Dulqur back in action. Last time it was Ustad Hotel. If you would pardon the liberty that I would take with interpreting the message, hold on, why should I ask your pardon. My blog, my post, my damn words, who gives a f&^% on what you might think after reading this.


I would say the movie is a sarcastic view on how the media, the government and the general public on today's Kerala. It's sugar-coated through a confused NRI's eyes but the visual is there for everyone to see, if you bloody damn give a moment's f%%$ about it. Naah, using f&*^ doesn't make me sound cool. It's just a way of saying this is MINE. At least, on the outer side. Technically, I allow Google rights over this digital copy of my words once it is posted to blogger.com. Oh, one more thing, every bloody thing that you think is coming for free is never free. There is always a catch, something that may not be obvious now but will clear out as time progresses. Coming back to the movie, it's an entertainer albeit a bit long if you think 2:45 is long. Another thing, Dulqur is a rising star with the right set of thoughts in his head. He's chosen carefully, tries something new, an American accent in this one. But then, there is this thing about him, being always super-cool with low waists and hair styles. Not that he doesn't pull it off nicely. Just saying, it's getting repetitive. Oh gosh, 2 movies with a similar wardrobe and I'm saying it's repetitive. Holy Shit, when did I start caring about what someone wears or not wears. ;)

Anyways, seems like I'm getting back to being the old me. Cocky, Abusive, Foolish, Creative, Bullshitter. Welcome back Jo, it's been long since we missed you. A round of applause for the young dashing, bullshitting, piece of Piscean crap who is still as cocky as the one who entered QBurst in an August of 2009.

This is Jo signing off,


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