Into Feb again

It seems like as times goes by, the interval between my posts keeps on increasing. Anyways, it feels good to be writing again. Life has moved on quite a brisk pace. I don't even remember the last time I blogged, need to check it online for now. Leaving that aside, Life is again stuck in a mechanical circle of work-home-work. It had been quite some time since I did something other than the usual eat-sleep-code routine. Thankfully, there was Vishwaroopam. Went with Sundar, Binu, Ash, Nyzam bhai and Nithin, our asst. director. Special thanks to Nits, since he was the one who got us all tickets inspite on the rush at the cinema complex. Well speaking of the complex, our minister, Ganesh Kumar, seems to have done quite a good job at rebuilding the old Kairali-Sree theatres into Kairali, Sree and Nila. The seating is good and the feel is also nice, albeit the cost of tickets is a bit on the higher end. But 80 bucks for watching a movie in a comfortable seat is worth it. Anyways, back to the movie. It's quite good on the technical side, the story keeps you engrossed, except for may be a few moments during the Afghanistan scenes, which seemed like dragging on a bit. Other than that, it seems quite worthy of the money. No comments on the controversy. Simply said, I would like to quote my self on this. "This is a case of religious constipation". How this quote is to be deciphered is upto you.

Other than that, we had a small GDG(Google Developer Group) meeting, the launch of the Trivandrum chapter in Jan. Yours sincerly had to present a topic before the audience and as usual, came up with a lot of bullshitting and some info. For those who know, you could rewind back to the moments when I bullshitted my way out during my seminar on "Blackberry". Anyways, got a cool GDG T-shirt, had a good lunch and learnt a few things about GDG, App Engine, App Scripts and so on. Well that was back in the start of Jan. By the end of Jan, it was again "Romans" the movie with Sundar. Oh, yes. There was the HacknightV2.0, which Adheesh and me contested to have some Pizzas and spend time in office AC. Thankfully, learnt something about Twitter bootstrap and Jinja templates.

Back to Feb, it's been monotonous till now, save Vishwaroopam. Hoping for a few exciting weeks at least in this month.

This is Jo signing off for now,



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