Bitter brew of love

Seldom does something change, as does the broken heart,
From the firm and carefree, to lost and careless
A few moments of joy last like a lifetime of pain,
Piercing thru the thin veil of forgetfulness
O fuck thy holier than thou attitude,
For it hurts like nothing else

Lost in the midst of a never-ending grief
The mind wanders along the familiar paths
Grasping for straws that have faded,
For a moment that perished long ago
Even the clock seems tired to tick
When the thoughts of her dance into the mind.

Kaboom, as it goes down without a fight
The pseudo wall of defiance, the hard nut feel
A stream of thoughts erupt in between
Turning the calm into a brewing storm
And out of the storm, comes light on foot
The trampling of words that feel so odd.


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