Pre-exam jitters !

*Update: This is a late posting of an earlier-written draft ;)*
Lamhe mein kaisi ye kasish hai,
Bin pyaas ye kaisi taras hai,
Pehle na thi yu bejaan se pal,
Ki har saas mein na mile jo chain,
Kya ye wo bin aapka hai kal,
Lamho mein thi jo na koi hulchul..

Boom, There goes another f*$%$&#@ set of lines. Well, instead of concentrating on my studies, look at what my mind wants to keep saying. Another sneak-peak of the Jo's depression mania. Naah, this is just the before-exam jitters. The will of the exam-bearer goes weak while the degree looms right upon us, just to plagiarize the lines from LOTR. The season begins in 2 days and I'm so thoroughly unprepared. With each passing season, my intent weakens and the effort decreases. It's like a vicious circle, the more I stay away from books, the harder it becomes to come back to them. Every time a page opens, my mind races to find a source of fresh air. Figuratively, this explains it so well. Wow, now this is a nice piece of line. Gonna put it up a status someday, hopefully before I forget the words.
Speaking about exams again, E-security is the first paper before me. Hopefully, I should be able to start at it today itself. Anyways, time for me to sign off and "pull up my socks"...

This is Jo signing off,


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