Symphonies on Nokia 2600-c

This post is a part of an experimentation on my mobile phone. I wrote this up as notes on my mobile.

Note - 1

Some people think guys are tough and have a strong heart. Let me tell you a story, short and sweet. Some guys are like coconuts, hard on the outside but soft and sensitive on the inside. Guys like this may be hard to spot but easy to hurt.
One such guy, say Rahul (i love the name that's why), is the central character of this story. Rahul's life as of now is a complete mess, know why ? Bcoz someone cracked thru the hard shell and messed up. Wanna know who was this someone, the one person he trusted his heart with, the one with the power to heal his soul. Thinking of how they came to meet seems like a fairy tale. But this fairy tale did happen and it happened right in between the common lives of you and me. How else could you term a meeting of two people, unknown to each other, that left a seed of attachment with one person and that outgrew into the other one's soul. Meher's starting days at work, away from home and at a new place. She knew some out there, and yet confident enough to make a mark. Rahul, around for a few months and still coming to grips with the new feelings inside him. Out of so many people present there, Meher asks him whether she could reach the 3rd floor thru the lift. A question from a cute one, who chose him for the query, makes him feel good. He goes on to help her reach her floor and to show her the way out. Still reeling from the encounter, Rahul manages to hide his grin. But then, a chain of events had been set into motion unknown to both of them. Over the next few months, Rahul tried to befriend her but given his introvert nature that would have been next to impossible. So he did what he did best. Stare at the angel, looking for a hint that she would be interested to be friends with him. Roughly thru the next few months, the peek-a-boo game carried on. Unknown to Rahul, Meher too started to have feelings for him. The game progressed at a slow pace until both of them could hold back no longer. Finally, after months of hesitation Rahul went over to speak to his angel. Well looking thru the other side, Meher was too wanting to speak. An opportunity presented itself in the most unbelievable of ways. Rahul was having lunch at his office pantry and Meher came around for some reason. She came again sensing that he wanted to talk to her. After all, the smiles at each other had worked into their hearts. She waited at the cooler, filling and emptying her bottle. He gobbled up his food to meet his angel. After a quick clean-up, he went by the cooler. Still hesitant to speak, he crossed over. Then with a devil-may-care thought, he turned back and walked up to her. A brief exchange of words was all that happened. Names were exchanged with a certain hope to know more. The next day, Rahul had an official party. On his way out of office, Meher walks straight into him. A brief exchange of words and phone no.s before Meher rushes off to catch her cab while Rahul moves towards the to-be sparkling evening. Riding behind on a team-mate's bike..#

Note - 2

A flurry of msgs during the ride lets them know more about each other while time flashes by. During the party, msgs are still being passed and the two come closer and closer. The torrents of emotion held back suddenly find an outlet. In his joy, Rahul takes a peg or two. Meher is unable to stand it and msgs transform into calls. Rahul talks to her in his not so sober state, describing his pent up feelings. With a promise to call later, he hangs up on her. After a few more hours of enjoyment, Rahul reaches home at 11. As promised, the new lovebird calls her up. The next few hour fly as the two, so engrossed in their tweetings, finish up their balances with lot more to say. The next weeks are spent over chats and calls with the two getting closer and closer. But alas, good things are never meant to last for ever. Meher realises that this is a fool's errand, never to be fulfilled wish. She starts to fear the society's norm and her parents. Unknown to Rahul, she starts to avoid him, ignoring him so that he notes away from her. Little by little, Rahul notices the change in her behaviour while thinking that it would become ok. How could have he known that Meher had already accepted that they could never be one. In the months to come, he moves thru life, unsure of how to take this new turn of events. Finally, Meher breaks thru her shell and tells him to forget her forever. Easier said than done for both of them, Rahul pleads her to change her stand. But the conservative nature of her parents makes her cold. Breaking her own heart against the altar of social norms, she goes away from his life. A few months pass and things seem to be normalising for Rahul. It seemed though that love wasn't done with him. Like a lighting flash, a call from Meher blows away his feeble pack-of-cards heart. She called to say that her marriage had been fixed. What could he say back other than stoically wishing her the best. In the next few months, they start to contact each other and Meher's words make Rahul believe that the situation could be still managed. Little was he aware that, Meher would skittle away his every hope. Finally unable to bear all this, Rahul breaks and he tells her to forget him. But Meher still confused in her heart between the love showered by her would-be's family and the yearning for Rahul weeps before him. He stays firm before her but inwardly a storm brews. How long could he hold back his love? He breaks his own shell and starts msging her again. Thinking that if could get over her, he calls her up like a friend. After a few minutes of chat, disturbed in between by her fiancé's calls, they seem to have a pseudo-break up. In his affection for Meher, Rahul decides to make her hate him. He msgs her saying that all those moments were a farce. Finally after many msgs and hurting her like for-ever, Meher begins to hate Rahul, even the mention of his name gives her tempers. Finally with the knowledge that he's lost Meher for ever, Rahul moves on....#

Note -3

Meher settles down with her husband in B'lore away from Rahul's shadow and reach. Will fate play again with their lives ? It's upto time to decide.#


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