Shattered Dreams Fulfilled

Is our Team India the World Champions of 2011 ? Unbeliveable but true. The zenith of Cricket is finally ours. It's just purely overwhelming to be the part of a generation that has seen the World Cup being lifted by India. What a script this has been, the chases, the drama, the injuries and even kudothrams ;). 2/4/2011 will go down in history as the swansong of Legends, Sachin, Murali and many more. The absolution for 1996 and 2003 has been recieved in 2011 and what a way to gain it. En route to the finals, we broke the Aussie arrongance, trampled on the Pakistani powress and finally exacted a clinical revenge on the Sri Lankans. I still remember the 1996 semi-finals, where the nation, and the stadium, erupted into frenzy after an unbelievable routing of the Indians. There was a small fear of a repeat yesterday, but it seems the script-writer was in a better mood.

Remembering yesterday's batting will still give heart-attacks to many. The way Gambhir played was nothing short of living-on-the-edge style. But by the time he went back, the platform had been set and the Master Butcher a.k.a Dhoni was in form. There's nothing that seems elegant about MSD's batting, it's just raw power and great timing. The way he bats, it seems like he's a dhobi and not Dhoni. Whatever we may say or write about MSD, he's the one who's led India to this great success. As far as I'm concerned, this is the culmination of a spark that was lit by Dada. He changed the timid Indian team to tigers. Dhoni/Kirsten transformed those tiger-cubs into a lean-mean fighting machine which could take on any team on any given day without blinking an eyelid.

Even if I keep filling pages with praises for Team India, it's not gonna be enough for me to be satisfied. So here I stop with these words.
"When the tears are those of joy, I don't mind crying"


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