Are we truly the Republic of India ??

Bored with nothing else to do. Mafia Wars is down for maintainence. Got up late after a long late-night surfing session. There goes the 60th Republic Day of India. Was going thru NDTV's editorials when something related to our Constitution came up. One of the articles was about the events thru which our Constitution was framed. The link to the article is Constitution: The Real Story. Felt gr8 to read that those who framed this gr8 book of rules were far better human beings than most of us today. They looked at everything ranging reservation to judiciary with a different perspective. They questioned their authority in framing those tenets of republic india. Looking at those high ideals which they upheld while framing the Constitution makes me wonder whether we would ever see politicians as good as them. Given the current state of India's beaurocracy, the slogan "Sau mein ninyanve beyimaan, phir bhi mera Bharat mahan" seems so apt for the Indian psyche.

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Don't know why I wanna blog this even though I myself am a part of this systematically corrupted beaurocracy. All changes take place from within and with a hope that from today, the 60th Republic Day of our great nation, I would try to be a better Indian, a better person and, most importantly, a better human being. This post seems to be poised to make me more confused about my sense of patriotism. Which would be better, we, not me, being an Indian who stands up and salutes the National Flag on "THESE" days and then forgets about it, or we being the Indian who respect the Flag, the Nation and most importantly, our fellow Indian brothers and sisters ? Rather than the pretence that we love India, let us come forward and show that we do really care about our Motherland. So next time, you hear our National Song or Anthem being played, please do stand up in respect. This is just a test of whether we would be ready to do what is right even if it seems contrary to the public belief.

Signing off for now,
Jai Hind


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